Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses Every Player Should Know

Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses Every Player Should Know

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One of the best things about online casinos is the bonus offers. No matter, which online casino you go to you will always find some kind of bonus or the other.

Online casinos provide different types of bonuses like first deposit bonus, welcome bonus, free spins, and more. This is their best marketing strategy to draw more players to the site. But these bonus offers are equally beneficial to players. It gives you the chance to play for free or have an extra round.

Before you sign up at an online casino site, you must know the different types of bonuses they offer. Generally, almost all online casinos offer the same type of bonuses, but with different values.

Here you go with the details:

Welcome bonus

This is possibly the most popular type of bonus offer available to new players. A welcome bonus is given to a player as soon as they sign up on the site for the first time. These bonus offers are much more appealing than other promotions. But there is a catch! You need to make a minimum deposit to claim your welcome bonus offer. The minimum deposit amount will vary from one site to another.

No deposit bonus

The next very popular type of bonus is the no deposit bonus. But you may not find this offer on all casino websites. There was a time when punters took too much advantage of it, which lead to the poor reputation of many sites. Due to this reason many casino platforms have removed it from their bonus list.

The good thing is you are straightaway qualified for the site, right after signing up. It doesn’t require you to make any minimum deposits or anything. Maybe this is the reason that prizes offered through this promotion were very small.

Referral bonus

Next comes the referral bonus. From the name itself you can get a hint of how it works. Based on the rules, you are required to refer the casino website to your friends or family. If they sign up and make a deposit using your referral, then you can win free spins or other prizes.

The problem is that this bonus is mostly treated as a limited-time offer. Unlike other bonuses, it is not always available. But if you are lucky enough to avail of it, you should take full advantage of it.

Free spins

As we all know slot games are the most popular of all. It is because of this reason; they also have promotional offers going on slot games. 

Most online casinos offer free spins to players. The number of free spins can range from anywhere 10 – 100 and sometimes even 200 free spins, based on your deposit. But these offers are mostly available on qualifying games.

Online casinos roll out new bonuses almost every week. If you are a regular player, you should take advantage of these promotions as it helps to enhance your chances of winning.

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