Do blue light glasses Actually work?

Blue light Glasses

The lockdown period has given us enough time to feed our bodies with healthy, nutritious home-cooked food. However, the disrupted routines resulting in work from home, online schooling and increased dependency on online entertainment have severely affected our eye health and made us more vulnerable to blue light damage. Due to this reason, blue light glasses have become highly popular this year. But, if you are still not sure if you should be purchasing a pair for yourself, this article can help you make the decision.

What is blue light?

The sunlight is a spectrum of lights of seven different colours of the rainbow. Violet and indigo are not visible to the human eyes and hence form the invisible spectrum, while the other five colours, including blue light, form the visible spectrum. Now, moving from red to violet, the wavelength of each light decreases and their energy increases. This makes blue light that colour of the light in the visible spectrum that moves with the highest energy. It is this damagingly high energy that makes blue light rays harmful for the eyes.

What are blue light blocking glasses?

Anti-blue light glasses are a newest revolution in the eyewear industry. A special coating on these lenses is able to reflect back any blue rays falling on them, hence, preventing them from reaching your eyes. So, when you put these glasses on, the blue light from tech screens, LEDs or even from the sun can be blocked from entering into your eyes.

Why do you need blue light glasses?

Studies reveal that blue light exposure from different gadget screens like laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, television, including some LED bulbs and the sun can penetrate deep into your eyes and cause chronic damage to its different parts. Here are the top three reasons why you need to add a blue light coating on your glasses.

To reduce eye strain

Extended exposure to blue light results in heavy, painful, red, swollen, and tired eyes. While using artificial tears and cold ice packs can be a solution to relieve eye strain, prevention through blue light blocking glasses is better than cure.

To maintain eye health

  • Cataract: As the blue rays enter our eyes, they are absorbed by the eye lens to prevent them from reaching the light-sensitive retina. During this process, some substances are produced in the eye lens that get added to its cells and turn them opaque.
  • Macular degeneration: When high intensity blue rays hit the retina, they induce some toxic chemical reactions in the cells. Also, the macula  part of the eye, located near the retina, also bears some damage due to prolonged exposure.
  • Dry Eye Syndrome: DES or Digital Eye Strain is another optical disorder caused by blue light that is extremely prevalent among the UK population. The symptoms include dry, irritated, itchy eyes along with neck and back issues. 

To get good sleep

The sleep cycle in our body is regulated by the sleep hormone called melatonin. In presence of blue light from the sun, melatonin production decreases. During night, in absence of blue light, its production increases to signal our body for bed time. It is due to this reason why we feel active during the day and drowsy during the night. However, blue light rays from artificial sources suppress melatonin production, making us feel awake during bedtime, thus, depriving us of sleep.

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