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How Emailondeck Helps You Manage Your Business Emails


EmailOnDeck, a well known internet security company, has made it incredibly easy for people to make a free email account. Why? Because this particular service is used by millions of internet users across the world every day. This service, however, is not free and you must pay a nominal fee to enjoy all the great features it provides you with. Read on and know more about this cool email client.


The fact that EmailOnDeck isn’t free doesn’t mean that its features are not worthwhile. In fact, it offers many of the same features that free services like Hotmail or Yahoo offer as well as being much more convenient. EmailOnDeck isn’t a one-stop shop for email addresses though. It works great as both a disposable email addresses provider and a regular email client.

Creating and Managing Deleted Emails: Creating and managing deleted emails is one of the best features of emailondeck. Unlike other services that allow you to lose your email id forever after you delete them, with EmailOnDeck you can retrieve your email ids. With so many people deleting their emails daily, this feature is definitely a huge plus.

Making Use of Deleted Items: Thanks to the way this service works, you can make use of your emailondeck account as a permanent mailbox as well. If you’ve ever deleted an email, you’ll know how annoying it can be to try and find it again. This can even happen if you’ve deleted it from a secondary email address. However, with this particular service you can get your old items back and store them on your computer hard drive. You can then make use of them at any time in the future.

Dealing With Temporary Email Address:

When you need to use email services that offer disposable addresses but don’t have your primary mailbox on this server, you won’t have any problems. EmailOnDeck works great with any email services provider because it allows you to create and store your email addresses on their server. You can then access your account like any other user would and create as many different disposable email addresses as you wish. In fact, there’s no limit to how many you may have and you won’t even notice it, as long as you remember your account number.

Managing Your Mailing List: One of the primary purposes of using email services is to manage your mailing list. This means that you should be able to remove junk emails easily. With emailondeck, you’ll find it very simple to do this. Once you log into your account, you’ll notice that all of your emails are organized by groups. This makes it very easy to manage and identify your emails quickly.

Dealing With Spam Filters: When it comes to email campaigns, there are a lot of requirements you’ll need to fulfill. While some require one on one attention from you, like building and distributing a newsletter, others require more detailed maintenance. For example, it may be necessary to set up emailondeck’s filters so that your messages get delivered in an acceptable fashion. There are 2 easy steps to doing this, and once you follow them, you’ll see that your email gets sent in the most appropriate way.

Creating And Managing Email Folders:

If you want to be organized, you should be able to manage and organize your emails just the way you want. With emailondeck, it’s very simple to do this. You can create folders for groups of related items and rename them. Furthermore, you can also resize and create new folders. Dealing with bulk mail is made easy with emailondeck’s powerful tasks and features.



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