Emerald Corp Provides Custom Private Label Supplement Formulations


The food and dietary supplements market is growing very strongly and looks good to be worth over $190 billion by 2025. This growth is driven by a tremendous rise in demand for organic and nature-friendly food products that do not carry harmful chemical pesticide residues. This demand has resulted in the emergence of a large market of suppliers. Starting from large scale liquid supplement manufacturer, who invests heavily on research and development of products, they also include resellers who sell the products under their own brand name. Such outsourcing of marketing and sales functions is preferred by manufacturers today for optimum profitability. 

A manufacturer that offers way more than just supplements  

Emerald Corp is a private label supplement manufacturing company that does not sit back with merely supplying the products to the reseller brand. They offer the full range of services from developing a marketing strategy and implementing it with market outreach to basics like label designing and even sales planning. It is a growing market with very high demand and equally active supply chain that offers scope for many new resellers to enter the market. Emerald Corp has a plan for resellers at all levels of efficiency and experience to maximize sales.  

Quality products gain customer confidence more easily 

It does not take long for high quality products to gain traction in the market, which explains why Emerald Corp is valued so highly in the market as a liquid supplement manufacturer. The company has a wide range of products with application across different segments of the nutraceuticals industry. Speaking of the market in terms of demography, an extremely important segment currently and in the near future is that of the millennials. Their approach to food and good health is quite different from the generation of baby boomers who were less choosy about what they ate. 

Outsourcing part of the process work is more profitable 

The markets today scale up much faster than ever before and acquire massive size in very quick time. That is because of the easier global outreach of all kinds of products manufactured in different parts of the world. That has been the story of a large number of American companies that outsourced their work partly or fully to overseas manufacturers with the sole objective of lower costs and higher profitability. However, the food and dietary supplements market is based on home-grown products based on GMP manufacturing that focuses hard on quality and safety. The American consumer wants the best when it comes to nutraceuticals and that is what Emerald Corp offers. 

As a white label supplement manufacturer, Emerald Corp offers flexibility in the level of partnerships that resellers want. A new entrant in the market can rely on the experience and expertise of the company to help it set up the operations right from packaging and label design up to market outreach and sales. However, if the marketer is an established brand, Emerald Corp is happy to just supply the supplements as required by them. In case the marketer wants the supplement formulations to be customized to meet customer preferences, they can get it just as they want or even better. 

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