Employee Assistance Program: What is it & How it can help your organisation

Employee Assistance Program

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The stability, well-being and commitment of your employees to the organisation make a huge difference in its growth. Most of the successful firms already know this theory which is why they invest in grooming and supporting their staff. One way of doing this task is arranging the best Employee Assistance Program (EAP) sessions for your workforce. Firms and individuals in Singapore acknowledge this mental wellness service in high regard. It solves the psychological challenges faced by employees under all the corporate pressure. Here is everything you need to know about EAP and the benefits it will yield to your firm.

Employee Assistance Program: Overview

An Employee Assistance Program is a mental wellness program that assists and helps employees to handle stress and anxiety over the workplace. Any work-related or personal problems that are affecting your staff’s performance are manageable using the EAP sessions. The professionals and counsellors offering this therapy are well-versed and trained in Singapore. All you need to do is find the best service provider to take care of your employees.

Stress and anxiety directly hamper a person’s performance and skills.

EAP Sessions: Benefits To The Organisation

The employee assistance program offers two-way benefits. It is like keeping the soil fertile and healthy promotes better harvest! Likewise, if your staff is mentally and physically fit, they will give their best to the organisation. Their productivity and dedication to the firm are what you need apart from their qualifications. Here are the benefits of EAP to your organisation.

1.   Reduces The Risk of Absenteeism

Employees will tend to exhaust their sick leaves and find excuses to skip attending office if they feel unwell in the environment. Also, mental absenteeism affects the organisation more since they register their physical presence but fail to attend their work engagements intellectually. An employee assistance program identifies the issues that lead to this behavioural pattern. Therapists help employees revive their dedication and commitment to the firm.

2.   Increases Employee Productivity

Any unfit employee is capable of making a difference in the output of an entire team’s work. So, can you imagine the consequences of all your employees feeling the same way? EAP sessions conducted in offices enhance the bonding between colleagues. Their teamwork will become stronger as well as their productivity in every task. You can expect an improvement in their work potential.

3.   Boosts Confidence And Faith

Misunderstandings and quarrels in office cabins and between subordinates bring personal grudges and anger into the equation. Employees start taking everything personally, which directly impacts their confidence and faith. The employee assistance program is a well-structured session that triggers these problems. It takes every employee’s challenges into account and offers the solution.

4.   Creates Positivity In Workplace

Healthy competition and lively team spirit amongst the employees can change the face of any organisation. Regular EAP sessions will bring together all the employees and help them get over their mental health challenges. They can gain a new perspective and spread the positive energy they imbibe from their therapists. After all, we all give out the energy we feel in ourselves.

5.   Lessens The Chances of Turnover

Turnover is a nightmare for firms, especially if they are in their growth stage. A consistent commitment of employees in the office strengthens the foundation of every organisation. If your workers keep leaving jobs and you have to hire a new face every three months, you need to opt for an employee assistance program. These sessions will effectively reduce the chances of turnover as you head for the problems faced by your employees.

6.   Develops Staff Morale

If employees do not have strong morale, their quality of work and dedication will drop substantially. You need to motivate them through a professionally tailored EAP round. They will feel charged up and confident after a few successful sessions.

7.    Effective Tool For Small Organisations

The employee assistance program is an effective tool for small organisations since their dependence on employees is the highest. If your firm is only a few years old and you are looking for its expansion, you should hold onto your employees who have been there from the start. And the best way of doing it is to solve their challenges.

The Bottom Line: Find The Best Services In Singapore

The employee assistance program is profitable to the organisation in many ways, isn’t it? You can increase its impact if you choose the most dependable and efficient service providers. Singapore houses hundreds of mental healthcare professionals. You need to get in touch with a service provider who provides the best of them. Keep analysing your options and arrange EAP sessions for your employees. This action will also send a message to them that you care about your well-being!

EAPs are popular and highly useful in countries like Singapore, the USA and UK. Organisations are dipping their money to help their employees perform the best in their line of work. You should do your bit by providing the same service.

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