Enjoy Bonfire On Your Trip With Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire

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When the temperature drops down, it is the best time to have some backyard bonfire night with your friends or family. Most families and friends love to make their fire pit, but some don’t. Here is where Solo Stove Bonfire comes in. Solo Stove Bonfire makes your Bonfire Nights easier and more enjoyable. 

Some people tend to make their Bonfire, although sometimes it takes away from the wildness and is not safe for the surroundings. 

Good Looks, Better Burn

The Solo Stove Bonfire is a 19.5-inch-wide wood-burning fire pit constructed of high-quality stainless steel. The steel drum has a simple design and a polished surface that doesn’t detract from the old-school campfire image people go for — and it looks just as nice when it’s not burning.

It is impressive how quick and easy it is to start the fire even if, at times the wood is damp. This is due to the holes that are in the pit that helps air to flow under the fire instead of you blowing on it for hours. At the bottom, there is an ash pan that collects loose ash and prevents the pit from burning the ground or floor under it. 

Get the accessory set that comes with a stand. It is a piece of metal that the firepit may be placed on to protect the ground under it. Its design is one of the most attractive features among others. You don’t have to assemble anything for it to work, which makes it even more efficient. 

Take it camping or your backyard

Not every bonfire pit is easy to carry or set up. But Solo Stove Bonfire is famous because it is portable. The entire drum weighs 20 lbs, is in one piece, and fairly easy to carry considering its size and burning capacity. So take it camping in some hills or a stream. Or set it in your backyard and enjoy the comfort. 

Clean and Be Safe than Sorry 

Don’t touch the fire pit when it is still burning. Due to it being metal, it is going to be hot, so be extra cautious if you have kids around. 

It is easy to clean the Solo Stove. Wait for the stove to cool down, and then turn it upside down. The ash pan that is at the bottom will clear out. Try not to make it wet, or else it will be very difficult to clear it out. 

It produces a fire that emits no smoke. There is some smoke in the beginning when the fire is just being started. But as soon as it starts to heat up, you can’t even see it. It’s great to have a smoke-free wood-burning fire pit because everyone knows how it feels when smoke follows you around!

Costly but Quality

The Solo Stove Bonfire costs roughly $300, which is expensive, but it is quite inexpensive when compared to nice-looking propane-fueled pits. The Bonfire is worth its premium price because it is long-lasting, comes with a lifetime warranty, and can be simply stored or utilized as a portable pit. 

The fireplace itself has been constructed for the most efficient fire. It’s a wooden fireplace with a double wall. It has a base that allows oxygen in the lower and lower hole burner directly to be fueled to feed the current flames by hot oxygen. 

If you compare the Bonfire with any other normal fire pit, then yes, it is just the same except the fact that it is hassle-free. Smoke emission is less, easy to set up, easy to start the fire, and easy to clean up after done. Another interesting fact is that you can also cook food on it. Nothing that takes longer and is cooked on a stick. 

The Stove Solo is composed of stainless steel, so if it rains, it should not rust. There are other options available for customers. However, if you’re looking for a cover – Solo Stove provides a cover for it, although it seems more important when it isn’t at all in use. You can put a lid on it when you are camping and ready for bed, but the stove is still warm, and the fire is out!

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