9 Essential Tools Every Home Bar Should Have

9 Essential Tools Every Home Bar Should Have

Going to a bar can be exciting, since you get to meet different people and enjoy some drinks. However, not everyone gets excited in showing up to crowded places full of loud music and drunk patrons enjoying their favorite drinks. 

If you are that kind of a person, you might appreciate having a home bar where you can mix your drinks and enjoy them in the comfort of your house. Just like any other establishment, you’ll need some tools to make standard drinks and even try out your own recipes. Here are some tools every home bar should have. 

A Bar Cart

A bar cart is one of the essential tools for any home bar. It’s used to store what you use for making your drinks and as a décor statement when properly styled. Additionally, it also serves as an area where you make your favorite drinks from. 

Corkscrews And Bottle Openers

Corkscrews are used for removing corks from bottles such as wine bottles. Most probably, you have a bottle opener. And if you don’t, you need one to open bottles such as those containing beer. These two are essential tools for every bar, as using your hands to open bottles is not only difficult at times, but you also risk crumbling the cork. 

Bar Spoons

Bar spoons are used for stirring and layering cocktails. They are made from stainless steel to prevent it from interfering with the taste of your drink. These spoons are usually long with a coiled shaft to make stirring easy. They can also be used as a unit of measurement in some recipes. 


Have you ever taken a drink and felt something solid in your mouth that you did not expect? It could be that the drink wasn’t strained properly. Strainers are used for straining debris such as herb leaves and pulp from drinks. They are usually placed at the mouth of a glass or shaker to sieve this unwanted debris and only allow liquids to flow out.


A jigger is a measuring cup that greatly helps in making precise measurements. Most jiggers are usually double-sided, with one side having a large cup and the other side a small one. Joggers are available in different capacities, and every home bar should have one, just to ensure you only pour precise amounts of your favorite drinks to make the best cocktails. 

Ice Makers and Buckets

Ice is very crucial when making different cocktails, such as French 75 cocktails, espresso martini, and Gin fizz. Ice makers help you make ice in the comfort of your home. The ice maker in your freezer can be a great option too, but you will never have ice immediately if you need it. With an ice maker, you can have your ice anytime you need it. 

Ice buckets are used for holding ice cubes and preventing them from melting. 


Juicers are used for extracting juices from fruits, mostly citrus fruits, which are used in a variety of cocktail recipes. Handheld juicers make it easy to extract juices and ensure that you extract the most juice out of these fruits, which is not possible when extracting juices by hand. 

A Cocktail Shaker

Does your homemade cocktail taste different from one made by a professional bartender, and both are made of the same ingredients? It could be that there is a very crucial step you are skipping, such as shaking it. If you have been taking your cocktails directly from the glass, you are missing out on some great things. Many types of cocktails taste much better when shaken.

 And you can also use the shaker for other drinks too and replicate what professional bartenders make. The main goal of shaking cocktails is to integrate the ingredients and create a flavorful blend. 


You can choose to get just a few glasses for your home bar and use them to serve all the drinks you make. Still, you can take things a little further by getting different glasses, such as martini glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses, and highball glasses. Still, you can get decanters to make things fancier. 

Home bars make great additions where you can enjoy your favorite drinks with family or friends. When you have these essential bar tools, you can easily make professional-grade drinks found in commercial bars in the comfort of your home. 


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