Everything you need to know about Skin Toners



A myth about skin toner is, it should be used by people mostly in the tropical regions of the world. This is not true as the people in the colder regions too have skin issues and prefer to use skincare to look healthy and wellgroomed! Now look into the several uses of toner. Everyone cares for their skin, so skin toners are necessary for each teenager and adult. Being skin care products, these take care of the residues related to makeup cosmetics, dirt, pollutants, sweat and sebum. Apart from this, restoration of the skin pH and killing off the germ build up conveys your skin clear and glowing with good health.

Read on to know more about these wonderful skin care cosmetics and its types to choose from.

What does the toner do to your skin?

The skin toner clears its surface which is ready to embrace the serum and moisturiser molecules; absorb them effectively. A good toner has all these-

  • Antioxidants
  • Acids- hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic, lactic acid etc
  • Glycerin
  • Anti-inflammatory agents

Though it looks like water, these ingredients make it all the more efficient to clear out the clutter on the surface and even in the skin pores. Its light liquid formula seeps into the deepest pores and exfoliates your skin. The dead skin cells are removed when swiped gently over and over. Skin is left hydrated, cool and disabled of bacterial build up.

Types of Skin Toners

A broad division is based on the base that other ingredients are blended in. Water and alcohol are the perfect ones to do that as well as cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate the skin preventing the pores from clogging. Alcohol (astringents) or non alcohol based toners are available to be picked according to your skin type. The sensitive, acne prone, breaking  skin types should avoid the alcohol based toners or super concentrated astringents dermal fillers for sale. Retinoids in these categories can irritate your skin at times. So choose only after checking with the ingredients of the toner.

The types of toner is highly debated yet ranging from water to alcoholic agents they are categorised below-

  1. Skin bracers or fresheners- water, humectants, 0-10% alcohol
  2. Skin tonics-20% alcohol, water and humectants
  3. Acid toners chemically exfoliate the skin with alcohol content slightly above 20%
  4. Astringents are the highest in alcohol content, 20-60% alcohol as solvent

The toners can be thus chosen according the skin types. The excessive oily skin types can go for alcoholic ones while the normal to delicate skin types can choose from water based toners, skin bracers and acid toners. Yet for the delicate nature of skin, water based ones are the best deals. Now you may even look for nourishing uses of toner with vitamin supplements and anti-aging herbal components.

Now when do you use toners? You can use them twice a day-

  • Once in the morning before resorting to makeup
  • Then in the evening before retiring to sleep.

But if the skin is dry and seems irritated easily, then limit uses of toner to once a day schedule. The potent composition of these toners works right away when applied to the skin surface. You may discontinue the toner application if it gives you an itchy and tingling sensation. Milder toners in that case are compatible with your skin. The type of toner and it’s consistency must be safe for your skin type. 


Get smooth, plump and supple skin post toner swipes. You can use a cotton ball to immerse or dampen it in the formula and sweep it on the facial skin. The toners vary in composition and active ingredients. Choose from what your skin needs from the mild to strong formulas available in the stores and online shopping sites. A spotless, clear skin is the key to right makeup procedures and cosmetic layers to rest upon. Oil and sebum residues, clogged pores can ruin your makeup and make your skin yearn for essential nutrients, moisture and get rid of germ feeding on sebum. Deploy skin toners to counter this situation.


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