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Everything You Need To Know About The FLIR E5-XT

FLIR E4 Thermal Imaging Camera

The latest launch of the handheld thermal camera FLIR E5-XThas become the talk of the town. FLIR has reached the next level in this update as it can produce better thermal images. One of the considerably vital aspects of this update is that it contains MSX WIFI.

The price of this thermal camera is affordable, and you can obtain all of the new features in this handheld thermal camera. This version of MSX WIFI can detect all of the problems, such as:

  • Blocked issues
  • Structural issues
  • Overheating problems
  • Mechanism issues

With the help of this thermal camera, you can make fast decisions about the problems detected. To know more about this amazing product, continue reading the article!


The specifications of this amazing FLIR E5-XRT are given below:

  • The Image mode possesses the automatic adjustment and lock image option.
  • There are different camera modes for the images, like the thermal MSX, picture in picture, and thermal. 
  • It also contains a rechargeable battery of heavy power that is 3.6 V Li-ion.
  • This battery can work for about 4 hours at moderate temperature.
  • The battery charging time is just 2 hours; which means it is charged very fast.
  • The weight of the camera including the battery is 0.575 kg.

Key Features

Have a look at some key features of this amazing thermal camera:

  • A USB links very quickly, especially for the data frequency. 
  • Wi-Fi 9Hz is added to it so that it can connect to smartphones (both IOS and Android). 
  • This camera is very comfortable for smartphone usage.
  • There is added the new MSX WIFI thermal imaging technology that can produce accurate pictures. 
  • It lessens the fatigue of the clutch handle.
  • It can work for multiple hours as it owns a strong and regenerated Li-ion battery.
  • This camera contains the feature of IP54 that can provide dust and waterproof resistance.
  • The resolution of this thermal handheld camera is up to 160 x 120 infrared cameras.

Problems Detected:

The problems that can be detected while using this camera are mentioned below:

Electrical Problems: You can find out unseen problems, such as open connections, improper wiring, or even missing circuits.

HVAC Problems: You can also detect the leaked funnel, air conditioner, radiant tile problems, and balance heat issues.

Lost Insulation: This thermal camera can assist you in detecting weak or even lost insulation by the analysis of temperature variations along with the circling areas.

Rust and Decay: Proper attention toward the temperature variation can help you reduce huge damages and further health issues.

Venomous Pests: You can even hunt under the tunnels and detect pests as they cause serious illness to someone. 

Winding Up! These are the features, specifications, and problems that are associated with the FLIR E5-XRT handheld thermal camera. If you want to preserve your things, you must add this camera to your life. This thermal camera can save you from huge losses. As the problems can be detected in the beginning, you can easily find the solution for such problems without having any substantial monetary losses. So, grab this wonderful camera right now!



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