Network Monitoring: How to Verify Your Software Supply Chain? [FACT]

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Network Monitoring: How to Verify Your Software Supply Chain? [FACT]

The aDolus platform addresses the issues of ICS, IIoT, and IoT

ADolus understands the complexity of the network monitoring difficulties and has built up a solution that can assist companies with guaranteeing software reliability across complex ICS supply chain. With help from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), aDolus has made a network platform, FACT, that assembles software and firmware information to create reliability ratings for software downloads, (for example, FICO scores).

As mentioned below, the FACT architecture allows each kind of client to move toward the most ideal path for their requirements.

Vendors of ICS products and applications

Vendors certified by Adoles make digital fingerprints of their legitimate software/firmware through automated agents within the safe border of their authentic software development process. This fingerprint F.A.C.T. Is moved to an encoded link, which guarantees the vendor’s trustworthiness and stores the digital fingerprint in a protected database by creating a repository of trusted artifacts.

The FACT then sends vendor information to the analysis engine to decide the sub-segments and find any known vulnerabilities or product switch. The system provides vendors with a report that prompts their clients on issues experienced with software and potential improvements.

Asset owners

The technical staff of the asset owner gets firmware/software versions through a variety of distribution channels, (for example, USB or vendor sites). Before installing the firmware/software, generate a fingerprint of the unverified firmware/software.

FACT compares the fingerprint of unverified content and confirmed fingerprints put away in the repository. FACT also provides a solid and secure rating of the firmware/software and all its subcomponents. In light of this score, asset owners may choose to approve (or reject) the firmware/software for use in their operations.

The FACT API-based plan allows you to report files found using any means on the plant floor, for example, network monitoring or drives control, with an easy API call that contains the hash of the file. This would then be able to drive reporting to management on the safety and quality of the ICS software being deployed at the plant.

FACT also furnishes the asset owner with an understanding of who is utilizing specific software products.

Security Partners

There are several different databases and analytical tools for software, each with a unique vision for software dependability. VirusTotal, for instance, is an extremely comprehensive database of malware, while the NIST CVE database records a large number of known software vulnerabilities. FACT addresses every one of these accomplices to more readily see how the public views every software analyzed.

Thus, accomplices offering security services, for example, traffic and orchestration analysis can call FACT to learn the files they found on the customer network or PC.

Integrators/consulting experts

Integrators can utilize FACT to confirm the reliability of files they are utilizing in building systems. Consultant specialists who provide security services, for example, review or incident response services can also get FACT to discover more about the files they find on the network or a customer’s PCs.

FACT supports many use cases and client needs

The solution serves strategic systems in any industry by uniting the important data to guarantee that software/firmware is true and safe to utilize.

The capacity to reshape the complex material and create a database of companies allows the EVOLUTION to be improved too. In this model, a single update package for ControlLogix PLC is related to a re-visit of the first installation package signed and released by Rockwell Automation.

FACT can also check the trustworthiness of the signature chain, assisting with protection against threats, for example, stolen keys utilized in attacks like Stuxnet. This is valuable for the two specialists and asset owners.

Vendors also can mark their software ‘Support,’ ‘Update,’ or ‘End of Life’ so FACT can share this with clients of this product. Synchronized software notifications are an advantage for both customers and vendors. In this way, people need not have extra transactions to get the right information. Warning alters can be sent to the software owner immediately if something happens. Vendors can work on it and are informed about the changes to their subscribers.


The security of business management systems is a priority. Cyber ​​change or non-cyber change can influence individuals’ safety and security, harm property, and upset long-term operations. Digital transformation is improving the probability of such events with the multiplication of new games and applications from providers around the globe.

Luckily, the business is very much aware of these issues and keeps on working with the ISA organization answerable for IEC 62443 to meet the necessities for the maintenance of PC equipment. Administrative business guidelines, for example, NERC CIP-013, also require owners and producers to expect clients to direct the supply chain. This incorporates reporting shortcomings that are seen about their products and services and guaranteeing software integrity and realness of programs and groups they offer.

While the ARC acknowledges these endeavors, it is significant for each business to know how to manage malware-related software through adaptable, flexible ICS software chains. Subsequently, every business in the supply chain needs to have the tools to do its part to guarantee the safety, security, and reliability of all devices.

The Dolus FACT solution gives an approach to address these requirements within the business ecosystem. Researchers will become familiar with these sorts of incidents to guarantee the safety of their crucial environments.

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