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Family Planning with a no-scalpel vasectomy near me clinic

Family Planning with a no-scalpel vasectomy near me clinic

If you and your partner have decided not to have any more kids for some reason, getting a permanent and reliable procedure for male sterilization is a smart move. However, before you go in for a vasectomy, which is the most popular procedure for male sterilization, you must know what to expect and how the procedure will impact your life in the future.

When you have decided to have no more children, both you and your partner should carefully consider this choice over time. Never make this choice in haste. Once the vasectomy is done, it is challenging for you to reverse the choice. So, make sure both of you have thought over the decision well.

When it comes to undergoing a permanent male sterilization procedure, you will find the no-scalpel vasectomy is popular as it is non-invasive and permanent in nature. It is an effective tool for family planning and less painful than the standard vasectomy.

You need to find a good noscalpel vasectomy near me clinic to discuss the procedure with your doctor. Note, when you are scheduling an appointment with your doctor, you should ask your spouse or partner to come with you. Even she needs to know about it in detail and how it can impact the lives of both of you.

What does it mean?

No scalpel vasectomy is called no-needle vasectomy or keyhole vasectomy. Most urologists prefer this procedure as it is safe, convenient, and fast. The procedure is a non-invasive one, and it prevents the transfer of sperm released from the testicles into the vagina of the woman during sexual intercourse.

In the procedure, a very small opening is made in the skin of the man’s scrotum. This opening allows the doctor to see the ducts, dissect them, and later place them in the right position without using a scalpel. If the procedure is carried out under the influence of local anesthesia, medicine will be administered to you for the pain. This medicine is generally applied to the scrotum for numbing the pain. You will generally be awake for the whole process.

What is the recovery time for the no-scalpel vasectomy?

The procedure takes at least 30 to 40 minutes. The man is able to resume normal activities generally after 48 hours post the procedure. There is some amount of pain after the anesthetic wears away, and it can be effectively reduced with pain killers prescribed by the doctor.

On the day of the procedure, men are advised to bring their partners along. They need someone to drive them back home. Regular ice packs need to be placed on the surgical site. Men should stay away from strenuous activities for some days.

If you have a job where there is a lot of physical labor and strenuous activity, you should plan the procedure on a long weekend or take a leave for some days to get it done.

When you are searching for a good noscalpel vasectomy near me clinic for your needs, you must ensure the place is reliable with experienced urologists with proven track records in the field. Make sure you and your partner take ample time to think over your choice before agreeing to undergo the procedure.

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