Famous Singers and Musicians Who Love to Gamble


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Gambling is a fun activity that has attracted many famous people worldwide. Apart from meeting peoples’ entertainment needs, it also generates extra income as players can boost their winning chances with mouth-watering bonuses. These rewards are easy to claim; you can unlock a signup bonus at the best $5 minimum deposit casino.

There is no denying the fact that gambling has been embraced by different categories of people, including filmmakers, singers, sportsmen, etc. For instance, several films have featured various forms of gambling activities. It is not uncommon to hear about musicians and singers spending a colossal amount at online casinos.

It is sad that some of these celebrities are addicted to gambling so much that it has affected them financially. On the other hand, many of them control their betting activities as they only gamble on sports, while others visit land-based casinos to play fun games like blackjack, poker, and roulette.

This article gives some well-known singers and musicians who love to play real money casino games or bet on sports. Check also what are the best Canadian games that you can win by being a beginner.

Why Do Celebrities Gamble?

As stated earlier, gambling is a form of entertainment; therefore, most popular singers and musicians see it as entertainment. The fact remains that they cannot be busy composing songs or practising in the studio every time. There will always be a time to relax and wind. Some celebrities prefer to visit land-based casinos in the company of their friends to have a wonderful time.

Furthermore, we cannot rule out the fact that some VIPs gamble for financial gains. These categories of punters visit online casinos for progressive jackpots and other high-paying games. Irrespective of the motive for playing an online casino game, moderation is critical as it prevents overspending and other potential harm that comes with this activity.

Online gaming destinations come with an impressive range of exciting casino games, including slots, poker, live dealer games, roulettes, etc. Apart from that, these games are easy to play; all that is required is to learn the games’ rules and dynamics. As stated in the section above, celebrities can either gamble to entertain themselves or make money.

The first category of players is not restricted in their choice of games; they can go for any exciting casino games. Some of the familiar games they love to play are as follows:

  • Dice
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat

Furthermore, celebrities looking to win millions at online gaming destinations usually opt for jackpot slots and other games that guarantee a massive payout. Read also about James Bond star Daniel Craig saying No Time to Die came from an idea he had making Casino Royale.

What Sports Do Famous Singers and Musicians Bet On?

Apart from casino games, top singers and musicians visit betting sites to wager on some of their favourite sports. As expected, football is one of the sports that most celebrities love to bet on; the reason for selecting this sport is not unknown. It is the most popular sport in the world. Apart from that, it features several local and international tournaments. Celebrities also love to bet on Basketball, Rugby, Horse Racing, Tennis, and a host of others.

Top Singers and Musicians Who Are Gamblers

Gambling attracts celebrities and people from different walks of life. This section gives examples of some well-known singers and musicians who love to gamble and not hide it from the public.


Nelly is a well-known musician. Besides, he is also an actor, songwriter, investor, and entrepreneur. He added a feather to his cap by winning a Grammy Award. Nelly is a renowned online casino player. His favourite game is poker. He has participated in several gambling-related events around the world.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a famous singer that belongs to the famous UK brand. The celebrity was evicted from a casino some years back because he had not reached the legal gambling age. The restriction did not deter him as he continued to play real money casino games. His favourite game is blackjack.

Sully Erna

Sully Erna plays the guitar and is also a vocalist for the heavy metal band Godsmack. He is a professional poker player. The celebrity has played the game at the international level. He featured in significant poker events, including the VH1 Celebrity Rock and Roll Tournament and World Series of Poker. In 2007, he came second the winner at the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic held in Las Vegas. He went home with a whopping 307,325 USD.

Scott Ian

Scott Ian’s rise to fame through his exceptional guitar skills. Initially, he decided to face his music career squarely instead of furthering his career as an expert poker player. In the 1980s, being a trained poker player, he used to play the game on a tour bus. Scott Ian has managed to keep up with the demands of his career. With its smartphones, he can play online poker on the go, between concerts.

P. Diddy

He is a well-known figure in the music world. Apart from being known for his music, he launched the late Notorious BIG’s musical career and many other top singers via Bad Boy Records. P. Diddy is also a trained Blackjack player and has the skill to sing and write songs. He has been invited to many international casino events. He is also an ambassador for blackjack.

Do Celebrities Brick-and-Mortar Casino Venues to Online Casinos?

Brick-and-mortar casinos are also known as land-based gaming destinations. They offer real-life gambling experiences and also encourage interaction among players. Online casinos are internet-based gaming destinations that can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices.

Some celebrities prefer to visit land-based venues because it allows them to interact with fans and colleagues while enjoying the thrills of real money casino games. Some of the games available at offline gambling venues include Slots, Pokers, Roulette, Blackjack, etc.

In modern times, most international tournaments and events are held online. These online competitions come with several advantages. The most obvious benefit is convenience; players can easily participate in the event from any location. Apart from that, it does not require the physical presence of players. With mobile platforms, gamblers can place their bets on the go.

Many celebrities will prefer to gamble online, giving them quick access to their favourite real money casino games. Besides, online casinos are ideal for singers and musicians who want to remain discreet regarding their gambling activities. 


Most celebrities gamble to entertain themselves, while others have learned to play at a professional level. Based on the information above, some singers are trained players and have participated in big casino events.

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