Fighting Head Lice: Instructions And Tips That You Should Follow

Fighting Head Lice: Instructions And Tips That You Should Follow

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Whether home remedies or chemical or physical lice remedies such as head lice removal boston, whether children or adults: So that you are well prepared in the event of an accident, we have put together understandable step-by-step instructions as well as practical tips for you so that you can protect against head lice every time to say goodbye.

Step 1: Apply the home remedy of your choice and comb out the still damp hair strand by strand.

Step 2: After eight to ten days, repeat the treatment from step 1 with your preferred lice remedy so that larvae that have hatched are also combed out.

Step 3: Another four days later, you should thoroughly search the scalp for insects before cleaning the hair well and combining it with a damp comb.

Tips Against Lousy Pests

If head lice are suspected, you can check them with a lice comb. If the animals have nested hair, they will stick to the comb. A magnifying glass can bring further clarity.

If the suspicion of head lice is confirmed, you should inform those responsible at school, kindergarten, daycare, or sports club to prevent it from spreading.

Clean your bed linen and towels at 60 degrees and clean your hairbrushes and combs thoroughly so that the insects cannot spread further from there.

It is best to put textiles or cuddly toys that cannot be washed at 60 degrees in the freezer for one day at around -18 degrees.

Use lice comb only on damp hair and then pamper the hair with good hair care.

Be careful when combing out: brush the hair roughly before carefully combing out individual strands from the hairline to the tips with the comb.

After each strand, wipe the lice comb on kitchen paper and hold it under running water. After the treatment, you should clean the comb in vinegar water, with a hair conditioner, or in boiling water (for 10 minutes), depending on the material.

Protect clothes with a towel or a cape when washing and combing out and clean them after use.

Stay At Home As A Preventive Measure

While this tip is not a home remedy per se, this is probably the best way to prevent head lice. As soon as it becomes known that one or more children in kindergarten, daycare, sports club, etc., have lice, your child should stay at home for a few days if possible.

Lice Remedy With Dimethicone Or Chemical Treatment

If no home remedies help combat the head lice effectively, a proven lice remedy with dimethicone (silicone oil) or a chemical agent should be used.

Dimension: Silicone Oil Against Head Lice

Agents with dimethicone have extremely low surface tension. This allows them to coat the animals in seconds and flood their fourteen tiny breathing holes so that the head lice suffocate within only about ten minutes.

Chemical Agent With Insecticides

Lice agents attack the nervous system of the head lice with insect venom (for example, with the active ingredients allethrin, pyrethrum, or permethrin). As a result, they can no longer move and die within 30 minutes.

Valuable Information And Practical Tips

Although lice remedies with Dimethicon are very effective against head lice, they pose no danger to humans – neither for small children nor during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The non-toxic silicone oils do not contain insecticides or neurotoxins and are not absorbed by the skin or the mucous membranes. The purely physical mode of action also prevents resistance to active ingredients from building up.

Chemical lice products or head lice removal boston for example are usually well-tolerated when used correctly. However, good sun protection of the hair must be ensured so that sun and blow-drying are initially taboo. In addition, more and more cases of resistance to individual chemical agents have become known abroad. So that you can finally get rid of the nuisances, you should observe the package insert as well as the exposure time of the respective agent and repeat the treatment regularly as indicated.