Foreign Bank Account: A Mini Guide

Foreign Bank Account

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Each of us uses the services of some bank. Why should we seek to open a foreign bank account?

The question is quite logical, and it would probably be interesting for you to find out that people proceed from two kinds of motivations:

  • Dissatisfaction. All or some of the services provided by my bank are not very good.
  • Looking for better opportunities. My bank is OK, but there must be some greater offers out there.

And both categories finally get what they want! According to our statistics, investors are most often looking for:

  • More reliable protection for their private or corporate assets
  • Higher interest on deposits
  • A wider range of services
  • More privacy
  • Quick wire transfers

There are people who have enough time to compare their current bank with a foreign one, but most prefer to delegate those efforts to a good consultant. If you need advice, we can offer you a free session with our experts to match your needs with the best banking opportunity existing on the market.

Anyway, what are the ingredients of success?

  • A reliable bank
  • A good jurisdiction
  • Ability to meet your requirements

What bank can be rightly called “reliable”? Well, we need to look at the bank’s reputation in the business world, as well as the figures referring to its profits. Our experts also collect feedback from the clients to see how satisfied they are.

As for the “good” jurisdiction, the situation is a little bit more difficult. The jurisdiction is good in a general sense if it is stable and has a favorable legal framework. However, it may not be “good” for you specifically if it does not meet your needs! For example, not all banking sectors are crypto-friendly, though they may be quite stable and loyal to non-residents.

It is easy to see whether the bank can meet your requirements if you know what you want (and this is not always obvious, so our experts may ask a lot of questions before they finally come up with a perfect solution for you!).

If you are not sure what you want and wish to look at the wider menu of services, please visit our portal. Meanwhile, we would like to show you examples of jurisdictions that ideally fit some particular purpose:

If you are seeking a tax haven, consider the Cayman Islands. Low taxes and a stable political and economic environment ensure the safety of your assets. Quick diversification options, favorable legal framework, and absence of currency control – the destination offers it all. Some of you may have put a tick next to it, right?

“What is the safest country for deposits?” – our client asked. And we all said in a choir: “Germany!”. You will also enjoy the country’s state-of-the-industry technologies, affordable fees, and strict security procedures. You can open an account online, so don’t miss this opportunity if Germany seems to be an attractive choice for you by overall characteristics!

“I need a real stronghold in the world of banking to protect my assets. Confidentiality is just as important as safety. And finally, I want my assets to be refunded with the highest degree of probability if the bank goes bankrupt or something.” And this was an easy problem to solve for us: we knew the only country that could match all these criteria, and it was Switzerland. Banking secrecy violation is heavily penalized here, and laws guarantee a refund in case of bank failure. Bull’s eye!

We’ve mentioned three options, but the list of opportunities is truly impressive. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we always start by analyzing your needs. Contact us if you feel that you need help. Anyway, we wish you a perfect foreign banking experience!

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