Fresh Kitchen Renovation Concepts in 2023

kitchen renovation in Adelaide
kitchen renovation in Adelaide

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Year after year, new trends, innovations and fads are being introduced in kitchenware and renovation concepts. Some have been accepted with open arms, while some couldn’t make their mark in the audience’s heart. Each year we see new trends and concepts rising in the segment of a kitchen renovation. Companies go over the top to make the audience choose their product when they introduce new products, concepts and innovative renovations in the kitchen category. Companies like Gregory Built provide great tips and services for kitchen renovation in Adelaide. 

As previously mentioned, each year, new renovation concepts are introduced. So let’s see what the fresh kitchen renovation concepts in 2022 are. 

New Concepts for Kitchen Renovation – 2022

Vertical Tiling

Previously, the vertical arrangement of the kitchen was dominated by bricks or just plain walls, but the new concept that seems to be rising in the year 2022 is vertical tiling. Vertical tiling provides an aesthetic design, texture and unique properties in a kitchen design. The audience approves of this design concept as it gives the kitchen a sleeker look and makes it look more classy. 

Black Kitchen Units

A concept that is slowly coming into existence is the usage of mat black kitchen units. It is observed that black is slowly and gradually winning over the neutral and light shades that people used to prefer earlier. 

Flexi Work Space

With the phenomenon of working from home due to Covid 19, many prefer their workspace to be near the kitchen as usually, they are the ones who have to also manage work in the kitchen. So the budding idea for kitchen renovations in 2022 is to introduce a Flexi-workspace wherein the person’s workspace isn’t in a separate room but is included in the design of the kitchen. Reputed companies help achieve customers with such kitchen renovations in Adelaide

Curated Kitchen

As the years pass, people need everything to be curated, the kitchen being the latest on that list. Some customers wish to have their kitchen curated as it makes the kitchen look more modern, neater and classier. A curated kitchen consists of being designed with pieces like drawings, paintings, decorations etc. A curated kitchen certainly adds more character to the kitchen. 

Elaborate Lighting

Elaborate lighting is another new concept in the kitchen renovation segment. People nowadays prefer their kitchen to have more elaborate and fancy lighting that more or less attracts their attention. This makes the kitchen look more elegant, fancier and modern. No matter how dull your kitchen is. If the lighting is proper the looks of your kitchen will stand out. 

The Bottom Line 

Therefore these are some of the new kitchen renovation concepts for the year 2022. These ideas and concepts grow more modern and fancier by the year, which makes companies compete within themselves to gain the attention of the masses. Companies like Gregory Built do a great job of kitchen renovation by bringing newer, innovative kitchen concepts year after year and keeping the excitement among their customers.