Fun things to do with kids in Edmonton?

Fun things to do with kids in Edmonton?
Edmonton downtown Winter skyline just after sunset showing Alberta Legislature and Walterdale Bridge across the frozen, snow-covered Saskatchewan River and surrounding skyscrapers. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, Canada.

Edmonton is a great city to travel to acquire about its glorious tourist spots and adventurous lifestyle. A city full of amazing sightseeing including museums, a science center, a flourishing mall to stroll to, high-tech buildings, and many more stunning viewpoints are waiting for you.

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Let us begin our virtual tour to this city:

West Edmonton Mall

If you are looking for some closed entertainment place to visit, this West Edmonton Mall would be best for you, the largest shopping mall in Edmonton. The mall features some amazing sights, including a huge aquarium, housing glorious marine life, stunning World Waterpark, Mayfield Toyota, Adventure Golf and, Dragon’s Tale inside this mall. So, guys, get ready for this tour and visit the mall to have splendid hours with your family.

William Hawrelak Park

William Hawrelak Park is spread in the area over 68 hectares and has been named the crown jewel for the city of Edmonton. The famous park is located behind the river valley and is fully covered in green space, making it a fantastic tourist spot. So get along, kids, to enjoy this playful park.

High-Level Bridge and Streetcar

A high-level bridge and streetcar is an excellent way to spend your evening in this spot which is a must-watchable place. Have a thrilling experience while riding in a streetcar and capture the most scenic view from the top over the High-Level Bridge. Feel the mesmerizing view amidst the cool breeze and the glorious sunset.

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Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum exhibits the remains of animals who don’t exist for their study and activities. The museum has a collection of old fauna remains and ecological art and is a famous place for its fossils of Dinosaurs, the largest creatures in the world. You will find many recreational activities for kids in the museum inside. Children would find this place captivating as they will enjoy the day with dinosaurs and its related information. If you are traveling with kids, visit this exciting museum and spend their time relishing the spellbinding displays. 

Telus World Of Science

Telus World of Science is a high technology advanced science tourist spot displaying various science exhibitions. People keen on science knowledge must pay a visit to this science center featuring forensic, space, and robotic science and watch out for the wonders of science. Also, have a glimpse of the star-gazing observatory site in the grandiose Galaxy. You will surely not get disappointed here as this science center has a lot of things to appreciate and learn from various science events and meetings organized weekly.

Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park is situated near Edmonton’s east and serves as an ideal destination to be visited and spend some hours here. You will find some amazing species of animals and plants, including deer, beaver, Bison, muskrat, and many more and some notorious wide varieties of bird. This national park is home to more than 200 birds. So, guys, get some time to spend your evenings in this National park and adore the exotic varieties of habitats here.

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North Saskatchewan River Valley

North Saskatchewan River Valley is the most luxuriant greenery and an ideal environment for activities and offers a great place to have family picnics, organizing functions, or a day outing. The river valley spans 7400 hectares and provides various amusement activities for all age groups like paddleboarding, Canoeing, Kayaking, Biking, etc. We recommend you to take a tour of this place during the winters to have some amazing experiences and the best serene view amidst the snow-covered trails and enjoy Skating.

So, folks, how do you like the virtual tour of the city of Edmonton? We would like to hear the happy experience from you all.

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Have a great vacation with your family or friends.

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