Which Slot Games To Play If I Want To Win More Often? 


Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

Playing slots is mostly about having fun, but a win is always welcome. If you are more serious about playing slots such as Top Cat slot game and it is a major pastime then winning regularly, becomes that much more important to you. 

Obviously, it is impossible to know where and when you will win because slots are extremely unpredictable and each spin is created by a computer microchip. The RNG or Random Number Generator is used extensively in the gambling industry and it is seen as the fairest way of producing spins that do not give the casino or punter an unfair advantage.

There is also the edge that slots give the house to consider and slots give the highest edge to the house than any other casino games. Despite this, the public is still more than happy to take slot machines on. However, some games are more punter-friendly than others. 

RTP and Slots 

Regular visitors to slots casinos will probably be familiar with certain terms that are often used to describe games. The most popular of these is RTP and volatility and reading up on what they mean can actually increase your chances of winning more often. 

All slots are not the same despite them all working on the same principles. Some slots by their very design can be incredibly harsh when it comes to winning spins and bonuses. You could go through hundreds of spins on the base game without landing a bonus or a decent win and then you could suddenly hit a bonus that makes up for it all, or it can continue to frustrate. 

Although it is all down to the luck of the draw from the RNG, slots that perform like this often have a low RTP or Return To Player percentage score and a high volatility rating. The actual RTP percentage score can only be worked out over a long playing period involving thousands of spins and the final figure is a guide to how much of your staking money you can expect to be returned to you in the form of winning spins, over time. 

High RTP Slots 

Slots with the highest RTP percentage scores actually behave differently to low scoring slots because bonuses are easier to trigger and the base game provides more frequent no thrills wins that build the bankroll up over time. Some gamblers like to take on low RTP slots and hope they are spinning the reels when these games deliver their rare big wins. However,  regular gamblers with small budgets should concentrate on High RTP games with a score of 97% or over. 

High RTP Games 

Some games to consider hunting down include, the seafaring adventure themed 1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick that boasts a 98.6% RTP score. The Legend Of Big Foot by Barcrest is based on the mythical creature and it has an RTP of 98%. The medieval Mighty Black Knight also by Barcrest comes in with 98% too. The Rainbow Riches series of slot games are all mostly at 97% or slightly above.

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