Choosing a Good Engagement Ring with Low Budget

Engagement Ring

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Buying an engagement ring means you are ready to pop the question and have decided to spend your life with your partner. Proposing to your partner is an exciting proposition and will be remembered by you for the rest of your life. We all want this event to be as perfect as possible, which relies heavily on the ring you buy as this ring signifies the love and care you both share between you two. Perfection is incomplete without the ring falling under your budget, and for that, we have a guideline and a few examples to get you started.

Tips for Choosing the Best Ring for Your Engagement:

Let’s make your process smoother and provide you with tips on how to choose the best even from our list of Rings:

  • Budget – Don’t break your bank; choose a good ring by fixing your budget as you can spend the saved amount on a vacation or some other gift.
  • Reliability – Look for reliable brands and suppliers and always ask for a certificate of the authenticity of the diamonds, if that is your choice.
  • Comparison – Always compare different brands and suppliers to determine where you can compromise to get the best deal.
  • Discounts – Choose online/offline for complete satisfaction and buy online, depending on where you get the best deal or discount.
  • Independent Jewelers – Instead of going to the high and mighty in the business, go to certified smaller dealers. They will be cheaper and accommodate you more while you’re inputting your share into the community.
  • Ethicality – Look for and research for brands and distributors with a good track record in ethical sourcing mining of diamonds and do not have a bad rep on the conditions and practices some companies follow when mining.
  • Metal – Choosing the ring metal should also depend on your budget as platinum will be more expensive than white gold but will have the same shiny finish. Choose the setting of the ring carefully with the metal.
  • 4Cs – Carats, Clarity, Color, and Cut are the 4Cs of the diamond; if you are going for a diamond ring, you should decide which of these 4 is most essential for you when deciding to keep your budget in check. In a similar vein, rounded-off carat values are more expensive as most buyers aren’t aware that 2 carats will be much more costly than, let’s say, a 1.7 carat compared with the per-carat price.
  • Cut & Clarity Over Color – You cannot distinguish between VS2 and VS1 levels of clarity with your naked eye, so even a lower clarity should be enough as the higher the color level, the substantial the cost. 
  • Splitting Cost – Mind over matter, as a couple, you should always decide things that matter to you most through discussion and advice, and the same goes for buying a ring. By splitting the cost of the ring, you can buy a more expensive ring than what you alone could have purchased, and your spouse can choose what they love.
  • Buy Used – Just like cars, which are cheaper to buy used, used rings will also go down in price significantly for the same ones if you went to a shop to buy them. When buying pre-owned cars, they can save you a lot of cash and release a lot of pressure off your shoulders.
  • Engagement Meaning This is an important event as your buy a ring with whom you will spend the rest of your life and realize fully what it means for you. You don’t have to go looking for the meaning of this occasion in the dictionary.

Examples of Choosing Best Ring for Your Engagement:

Keeping the tips mentioned above, the following are some great categories of engagement rings that you can approach to scoop up your significant other and the best ring all in one go.

Three Diamond Stone Rings:

If a diamond is a girl’s BFF, then three diamonds on your engagement ring are set for at least three generations. This beautiful ring is perfect for your spouse with sparkling proof that you love them, available in white, yellow, and rose gold colors and costs just above $1,000 with more than 50% off. This ring comes with princess cut diamonds while smaller on each side of the larger diamonds, and the trifecta of diamonds can be cut according to your specifications. One of the best affordable engagement rings on our list.

Halo Diamond Rings:

If your significant other is all for diamonds and loves bright and shiny jewelry, then the halo is the best option for them all. The main stone is encircled by smaller paved diamonds, which brings more shine and sparkle to the centerpiece and makes it stand out, making it more prominent.

Best Stone for the Buck Rings:

Why spend on the band and the metal when you can get the best diamond for the saved price? You can invest in the main star of the show, literally, the diamond, while saving on the metal and the band or other smaller stones embedded in the band. The prominent the stone will be, the more beautiful it will look.

Gemstone Center Rings:

Finally, the trends are changing: couples are going for gemstone rings instead of buying diamond rings, and Sapphires are becoming the new diamond. The same is typically the case for Rubies and Emeralds. These gemstones rings give a vintage look to the beautiful celebrities of the 60s and 70s, making your spouse stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Everybody got to marry someday, and while most of us are middle-class income-focused, you cant buy overly expensive and luxurious diamond rings that might put the best celebrities to shame. You have to consider your budget and have enough money saved up for emergencies. Even though it is a prominent occasion in your life, breaking the bank and going broke for a single piece of jewelry isn’t wise. Follow our tips and choose the best ring for your spouse while happily keeping it within budget.

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