Guestographics are one of the best ways to improve SEO in 2021

Guestographics are one of the best ways to improve SEO in 2021

Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Aiman Emaan

There are numerous strategies to improve SEO, not the least of which is link building. However, do you believe the calibre of outcomes from your link-building strategy has begun to dwindle?

If your answer is “yes,” you are not alone. In the world of content advertising, hyperlink building has taken off, yet we’ve exhausted the standard ways by overusing them.

Designing guestographics may be one method to improve SEO and brand awareness that entrepreneurs haven’t used much yet.

What exactly is a guestographic?

A visitor infographic in the form of a guestographic. We’ve been using this time period internally for years since it serves a very specific purpose.

Guestographics are developed in partnership with several manufacturers. With our infographic design, it is their content. This has shown to be an effective approach to improving SEO for all events.

We’ve used this strategy to connect with a variety of websites over the years. It has aided our team in making business connections, gaining backlinks, and improving our SEO.

Why do you need to create a guestographic?

Some forms of content are easy to create backlinks to. Typically, blog posts, survey results, and interviews provide unique content that businesses are glad to use into their pieces.

But what about pages that require one-of-a-kind or very particular anchor textual content? So, how about landing pages? How will you boost the SEO for these pages by building links? You might spend all of your time cold outreaching and researching and yet not get the desired results. Offering to create guestographics can cut your workload greatly because you will receive more positive responses.

When we volunteered to create an infographic for Point out, they were thrilled to add our link to our most popular anchor textual content as long as they thanked our guestographic on their piece. Each event is a winner.

Why does this method work? As a result, everyone enjoys visuals. They’re easy to skim. Furthermore, given the content-rich online environment, graphics are more effective at attracting clients.

And, if you have a unique analysis, why not offer it as an infographic, like in this case, to appeal to a larger audience?

According to these link building statistics, unique analysis and graphics are a winning combination in advertising.

How to Use a Guestographic to Improve SEO

If you’re still wondering how to improve website SEO with guestographics, here’s the six-step method we’ve developed.

1. Identify the specific guestographic content material

One thing we’ve discovered the difficult way is that not all postings make for good infographic content. A brilliantly long post with numerous headers and subheadings will be impossible to summarise into a single visual.

You also don’t have to promise many guestographics. Whether you use a designer, a corporation, or an infographic solution like Venngage, design takes time.

2. Determine the Guestographics Purpose

As previously stated, the Guestographic you create should be for a site in your field. This increases brand authority and exposure while also improving your SEO.

Let us not forget that creating a Guestographic involves some effort. You want to put out effort for a specific reason.

The easiest method to accomplish this is to research your present clients and their journey. Who exactly are they? Why would you want additional users to support your brand? What are their interests and problems?

Answering those questions will provide you with vital demographic information, but more crucially, it will reveal what your users are interested in.

3. Improve Your SEO by Using the Correct Guestographic Keywords

Keywords are an essential component of SEO. If you haven’t identified your keywords, the Guestographic process will fail.

You want backlinks from sites in your niche, as we’ve emphasised several times. They have the ability to direct the correct customers to your brand.

Look for a seed/primary keyword using Google Keyword Planner or another prominent keyword tool. Take note of the related and long-tail keywords as well.

This will aid you in your topic search in the Ahrefs Content Explorer.

4. The pitch for the guestographic

After you’ve compiled a list of content that could benefit from a guestographic, it’s time to pitch the venue. Your pitch should be direct and add value to the contact.

Keep in mind that content editors have a lot on their plates. They receive a large number of emails in their inbox, many of which want a similar element. They will not take 5 minutes to learn an email.

Because you are delivering a guestographic rather than a link partnership, you already have an advantage over your competitors. That’s a terrific start. Your pitch, on the other hand, should be outstanding.

Create Your Own Guestographic

You now have all of the information you require to create the Guestographic. We know how to produce infographics as a design solution. This resource is not available on all websites.

However, there are internet tools that make it easy to create infographics—Venngage is one such alternative.

Keep graphic design and infographic layout standards in mind when generating designs from start.

Guestographic Promotions might help you improve your SEO ranking

The process does not end with the publication of a Guestographic. You want the collaboration to continue so that you can gain additional backlinks.

Once the infographic is complete, you must begin promoting it. Share your Guestographic on your social channels to let folks know you’ve developed one for the site.

Divide the graphic into smaller pieces of content to make it easier to share on social media. Request that the contact shares the posts on their platforms as well.

Distribute the graphic to your existing contact list. You might even get some users in your database interested in developing their own Guestographic.

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Begin Using Guestographics to Improve Your SEO

Marketers’ efforts to improve SEO have come to a halt. Especially now that brands have grown accustomed to getting outreach emails.

To get your material recognised and gain backlinks, you must stand out from the throng. That is why we recommend using the Guestographic technique.

This is the type of plan that offers value to your contacts and builds long-term partnerships for your company.

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