Guide to selecting Forex broker

Guide to selecting Forex broker
Guide to selecting Forex broker

When one considers starting trading on the Forex market, the equation of success includes many factors. One of the most important is the trading intermediary, which is the Forex brokerage company. Therefore, it’s the primary concern to begin your Forex trading career with the best forex broker. 

How to perform due diligence when choosing the Forex broker

The starting point of your due diligence research is checking the Forex brokers lists, reviews and forums. They are the source of all the necessary details such as location, regulation compliance, types of trading accounts, minimum deposits, and many more. 

On Forex trading forums, the new traders can find first-hand opinions from fellow traders. Make sure to check them out and also to ask your own questions. 

When you land on the brokerage website, do a double-check of their company details and compare them with other resources such as a financial regulatory body list of regulated barkers. 

Nothing should seem obvious or too cautious when it comes to your first steps in online trading and the choice of a broker. By making sure you have your ducks in a row before performing your first trading orders, you will have the odds of success on your side.

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Factors to consider when choosing a Forex broker

There are specific criteria the new trader must have in mind when deciding on which broker to choose. Here is the basic guide that checklists all the necessary things to pay attention to and the tips on finding them. 

1. Regulation compliance

First and foremost, every broker should stick to strict regulations regarding trading operations. It means that it has to be licensed and regulated in your country by the financial authorities in charge of Forex trading activities. 

These institutions supervise the trading of online trading platforms to make sure they respect all the trading ethical standards. Besides, they protect the brokerage companies’ clients from the misuse of their funds. They shield them from fraudulent entities exponentially emerging during recent years. 

2. Transparency

Transparency of a Forex broker comprises all the info regarding the contact details, location of a company, company’s policy, terms, and trade conditions are clearly featured on the website. As a beginner trader, you must be sure that all the information is clear to you and understand the trading process rules.

Before starting trading, every newcomer needs to be sure the fees and commissions align with her/his trading plan. Make sure there are no hidden fees, and beware of the rollover fees and inactive account fees. Meaning, make sure you have a clear picture of trading conditions. Also, when it comes to contact details, they must contain the broker’s location, phone, email, and the company’s address. Verify them by checking their customer support service directly.

3. Customer support

As we mentioned above, the brokerage company must clearly show the contact details must be clearly featured and the possibility of reaching customer support by the chatbot. In case of any adversity and issues with your trading orders or account, flawless customer support must be in place. 

You can test them before making a final decision about the Forex broker. Make sure there is support in your native language, even if you are multilingual. You simply cannot leave anything to chance when it comes to money you entrust to the broker. 

4. Educational resources

Access to training materials, such as tutorials, articles, and courses, is essential for both the rookies and the professionals who want to hone their strategies. In case you are the fresh starter, then make sure trading free educational resources are coupled with practicing on a demo so you can try your hand and try different trading approaches. 

With a virtual account, every Forex trade newcomer can simulate the trading process in real market conditions without investing any capital. Once you are sure you are ready, make your first deposit and start reaping the profits.


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