Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

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Homes can be hubs of air pollution Health Benefits of Air Purifiers. Airborne substances or air particles are oftentimes trapped within buildings due to lack of proper ventilation. Consider that 90% of our time is spent indoors within all those trapped pollutants and improper ventilation. On the surface these tiny particles may simply be irritants but due to gradual gathering these particles may attract all sorts of bacteria, viruses and mites. This can eventually lead to health issues like allergies, airway diseases and even serious lung conditions especially if dangerous gases are kept trapped indoors and inhaled too often.

One way to ensure proper ventilation is through roofing and gutters. Proper roofing and gutter constructions can ensure that the bacterial air and water is discarded off properly. Stagnant water or trapped smoke as well as other gases created by stoves, fireplaces or heaters may act as a huge magnet to air borne diseases, allergies and health conditions

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The second way to ensure that your home is not a hub for pollutants or airborne diseases is to install Air Purifiers. 

What are Air Purifiers

Air purifiers or air cleaners are the devices that remove pollutants or contaminants from the air. Their main purpose is to improve indoor air quality and ensure that the air doesn’t contain allergens or diseases. They are mainly marketed for their benefits to people with allergies or breathing conditions like asthma as well as for removing tobacco smoke. 

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Air Purifiers Benefits

Air purifiers can be beneficial in both residential and commercial settings. They prevent the contamination of air and are commonly known to prevent allergy triggers or air borne diseases. Some of the other health benefits of Air purifiers are as follows.

  • Reducing Asthma triggers and preventing the possibility of Asthma Attacks by purifying air from dirt, dust, dry skin cells, carbon monoxide, smoke, paint odours, sprays or other air pollutants. Air Purifiers also remove dust mites and pollen from the air that cause allergic reactions without harming the ozone layer
  • Removing body odours, pet odours and second-hand tobacco smoke which can result in development of chronic lung diseases.
  • Air purifiers can extract Asbestos particles in the air which can cause the development of Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer which affects the lungs. Asbestos is a mineral that is used in many everyday products because it is rich, durable and heat as well as chemical resistant.
  • Air purifiers can remove Radon gases that may enter the indoor spaces through cracks, construction joints or gaps in piping, wiring and pits. These gases are produced from a natural combination in soil, rock and water and can cause lung cancer.
  • In Urban settings, outdoor fumes and other air pollutants are most prevalent. Confined spaces with no proper ventilation can trap fumes or other gases like carbon dioxide which are harmful for the body and can cause headaches, dizziness, heart or lung problems if consumed for longer periods of time. Air purification can ensure proper oxygen circulation.
  • Air purifiers are more effective in getting rid of dangerous bugs or insects such as mosquitoes which can bring infections like Malaria. They are more effective in killing insects compared to sprays that can add to the pollution in your house. Moreover for patients of such diseases, air purifiers can lessen contamination or bacterial infections that may lead to worsening of their condition. They are also used in operating rooms to prevent contaminations


Air purifiers can cleanse the air in your living spaces as well as commercial spaces. They are not only beneficial for preventing air borne diseases or allergies but purified air can also improve your mood, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Investing in an air purifier can work for you in all types of weather and in all types of houses. It is not just convenient but also beneficial for your health. 

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