How Do I Get an International Driving Permit Online In The UK?

How Do I Get an International Driving Permit Online In The UK?

This type of driving license is necessary if you want to travel around the world but it doesn’t apply to every single country. The majority of the places that you would want to visit will require this document which is easy to acquire depending on the association. Some countries have a better system than others which means that it will take less time to issue a license.

There are a lot of benefits when you are driving abroad compared to other forms of transportation so it’s something you should think about when traveling. This depends on the locations you are visiting and how many areas you will cover throughout your trip. If you are visiting only one or a couple of cities, there’s no need to take a bus and wait much longer than you should.

Advantages of the UK

You probably don’t know that the UK has one of the best passports that you own in the world which means that it would be much easier to enter many borders. Their system is very advanced compared to some smaller countries so you can expect a fast turnaround time and it will be easy to understand the process of getting your driving permit.

It works the same way if you are looking to get one inside the UK for any other country because your license will be translated into multiple languages. You will just need to provide a few original documents, which can be done online and you will be set to go in no time.

Which Countries You Will Visit?

The first thing you will need to check before getting your new international driving permit online uk is to check the regulations in the country you are visiting. Your state license needs to be updated, which will take a bit of your time so make sure you do it in advance. Logbook and insurance are also something that will be needed.

If you want to drive a vehicle that you leased in the United Kingdom, you will need a specific certificate called VE103. There is also a difference between moving and traveling where you won’t need to have an IDP (international driving permit) when you are moving.

When you are going on a road trip around Europe, make sure you have a permit for every single country you visit because some of them might not be on the list. Driving rules are also very important because they can be very different especially for people coming from the UK.

What Do You Need To Submit?

You’ll only need a couple of documents including your national driver’s license and a recent photo of yourself. They will review your license in a day or two depending on the situation and where you have submitted the documents. There are also two options that you can choose including soft copy and hard copy.

In some cases, you will need to provide your valid passport and the same process applies to people from GB and Northern Ireland. Remember that without this document you won’t be able to drive abroad so it’s as important as your passport if you plan to drive there. There are a few things that you should consider when you are taking these trips.

Insurance Is Very Important

Even if you are not going with your vehicle, you should always get some type of insurance when traveling. But, it’s even more important when you are using your or rented vehicle. If you already own insurance for your car in the UK, then you can use it in a few more countries including the EU, Switzerland, Serbia, Norway, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Andorra.

You should also check what your insurer is covering and you might want to get some extra coverage like damage to the car abroad or theft. For the countries like Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Moldova, you might need a green card.

How complex is to get a green card depends on which country you are visiting but as someone from the UK, you shouldn’t have any problem except in a few countries like the US. If you are not from the UK, you will need to contact your insurer and they will inform you how to acquire one based on the reason why you are visiting a certain country.

Reason for the Trip

How much time it will take you to prepare depends on the reason for your travel. If you are going on a business trip or you need to transfer some goods with a truck or a car, you will need to send your license to the company you are delivering to. Some of the processes like getting a V5C may take longer because of COVID-19 so make sure you plan it on time.

It may be a bit more difficult to manage everything if you plan to travel as a tourist because of the global situation we have with the virus. The problem is that regulations are changing each month and you might be asked for additional tests without even knowing you have to do them. This depends on the country so make sure that you do your research.

You won’t be able to travel to the countries that are on the red list and one COVID test will provide 72 hours until you need to do it again. Things are a bit different when you are vaccinated, but you’ll need to check if they are supporting the vaccine you took.

Check for Any Specific Rules

Checking for any unusual rules is for your own safety. Some of them will help you avoid any penalties you would have to pay. For example, you might need to have a sticker of the country you are coming from. Even in third-world countries, there are rules that need to be followed, but the biggest problem is usually that the UK drivers are driving on the left side. It may be confusing at first but it takes a few hours to get used to it.


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