How Does NRI Invest In Real Estate In India? 


Last Updated on November 11, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

How to invest in REITs in India? NRI investment in real estate has been a curious aspect among people. The people want to know whether the NRI investment in real estate is beneficial or not. NRI funding in Indian real estate property has the potential to give you great returns. Returns are generated both through hire or via capital gains. 

NRIs are allowed to invest in broadly 3 classes of real estate property in India. NRIs can spend money on residential houses. The ones, in basic terms, are made for residential functions. NRIs are allowed to spend money on commercial properties. The 1/3 method of property investments is through Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which NRI can make.   

Understand REITs 

REIT is an agency that develops and owns real estate houses. The real estate properties generate the income for investors. Among REITs, properties at top locations in high towns are expensive. So, it is only possible for investors to make investments who have huge money. REIT raises funds from a pool of buyers, which gets invested in distinctive houses, whether they invest in residential units, places of work, malls, or warehouses.  

How does NRI invest in REITs 

Can an NRI buy property in India? Here are the several ways in which NRI can make an investment in REITs 

  • Apply for an IPO 

When a REIT comes out with an IPO, you could practice for it. Your utility desires to be conventional. Then, you are allotted devices in the IPO. 

  • Buy in the secondary market. 

After the IPO, REIT is to be had for buying and selling in the secondary market. It is indexed on the stock change. You should purchase them as you buy a proportion. 

  • Selecting the proper REIT 

REITs are concerned about market risks. Returns from REITs are not guaranteed. So, it is suggested to do huge research and choose the proper REIT  

  • How much to invest 

 New regulations say you can make investments of at least Rs 50,000 in REITs. How much you make investments will depend on your urge for food for danger and asset allocation. 

  • Legal Aspects 

 NRIs can invest in residential and industrial houses in India without any restrictions. They can also purchase agricultural land, plantations, and farmhouse residences. NRIS must have a PAN card and hold an NRE or NRO account in India to make real estate investments.  

Benefits of real estate investment for NRI 

  • High Returns 

The actual real estate marketplace in India has given good returns to investors on investment, making it an attractive option for NRIs  

  • Steady Rental Income 

 NRIs can earn a consistent income via real estate homes, especially in premium locations.  

  • Portfolio Diversification 

 Investing in Indian actual property allows the NRIs to diversify their funding portfolio and reduces risk. 


Investing in Indian real estate gives NRIs a promising possibility for better success and stability. By exploring various asset sorts, considering financing options, and staying aware of real estate benefits and challenges, NRIs can make the benefits from it.