How to find the best Kitchen Countertops Austin?


Last Updated on August 18, 2022 by rida

Most kitchens in today’s time have standard kitchen countertops of granite. Designers opt for granite countertops in Austin because it is versatile, durable, and aesthetic materials. Sure, there are mind-boggling options available, but you need to make an important decision when it comes to your kitchen.

Nevertheless, all the same, your countertop plays a dominant role in your kitchen and needs to be chosen with extreme care. So, here are the tips to make the right decision by a kitchen remodeling company in Austin – CabinetIQ.

Kitchen Countertop

The surface where you prep your food and cook, and is installed on top of the lower cabinets or at least at a good height above the ground. The standard width is 2 feet, but it varies depending upon our kitchen style and size. The counter can run on one, two, or three sides of your kitchen. In case you have a kitchen island, it can be counted as a countertop in between the kitchen.

Picking the Best Materials for Countertops Austin

These are some of the parameters you need to consider before you find out the ideal material for you! Here are the considerations to be made as per CabinetIQ – kitchen remodeling provider in Austin.


What do you expect out of your countertops? Are you someone who cooks rarely or are you enthusiastic about food and spend most of your time there? What kind of cuisine does your family love?

For instance, Italian food involves a lot of baking, and thus needs countertops that can sustain the heat of the heated utensils and baking utensils. While Indian food involves a lot of spices and thus needs to go for countertops that are stain-proof. Keep the convenience in your mind while you choose the countertop for your kitchen.


You cannot have a kitchen that is different from all the other areas of the home. The materials you choose should match the aesthetic of the entire house and fall in line with the overall palette. You may mix and match but be careful of the colors. Quartz for galley counters and warm color palettes for the kitchen islands are the best options.


The material should be easy to install in your kitchen too. You may dream of the best kitchen but may face troubles while installing, all your efforts may go in vain. Also, it can be worse if you face leakage problems. Therefore, find the best and most professional Austin granite countertops or quartz countertops Austin contractors in your area. Make sure that the team is experienced in installing the kitchen countertops and knows all the necessary elements for the same.


A budget is important for people who are a little tight on money. Know that Austing granite countertops are cost-effective compared to all other materials. Engineered quartz countertops Austin can be a little costly for kitchen remodeling.


When you get the renovation or countertop installation, it is important that they last long too. The materials you use should be able to bear the wear and tear over the years. It should be impervious to moisture, stain proof, and scratch proof.


The countertop you install should ask for bare minimum maintenance and it should be something that you can easily clean with soap and water. When you choose a white-colored countertop, you have to take extra precautions to protect it from acidic items or staining from species. In case you use the marble countertops, you need to have the surface sealed to keep it water-resistant and help prevent any stains.

Tips for Kitchen Countertops

  • Do not prepare food directly on the countertop. It includes chopping, slicing, kneading dough, or rolling dough.
  • Vinegar, turmeric, and citric juices have acidic properties and if you spill them on the countertop, immediately wipe them at once.
  • Natural stone needs to be polished and sealed to preserve resilience. Resealing would be needed in a few years to ensure the shine.
  • Never allow the spilled foods on the countertops to harden.
  • Dust with the damp microfiber cloth on the days you are not cooking.
  • Make sure to call the professionals when you want to install the countertops. Any incompetence in the work will result in ill-fitting and a rough finish on the installation.
  • As you install the countertops in your kitchen, you must leave a 2-inch overhang over the cabinets. The groove running along the edge helps in preventing the water from dripping into the cabinets.
  • Avoid cleaning products that are abrasive or acidic. You may use warm water and organic cleaners to wipe the surface thoroughly once you are done cooking. Wipe again with the dry cloth to seal the shine.


Are you looking for the best kitchen remodeling contractor for your countertops Austin? Contact the professionals at Cabinet IQ- the best Austin kitchen remodeling provider today. The experts here have decades of experience and skills to help come up with the perfect kitchen remodeling ideas within the suited budget. So, you need not worry more about getting the kitchen countertop right.