How Long Does It Take For SEO to Work?

How Long Does It Take For SEO to Work

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A common question that people ask about SEO is how long it takes before they start to see the result. This is a question that’s up for a lot of discussion in the industry. Everyone wants some certainty about when they will start to see the impact and result of their investment. It is fine to ask this question, but it’s also important to note that SEO isn’t paid media that immediately provides results. They don’t work the same way. SEO takes some time, but the issue is, how long does it take? 

Before we answer this question, it is essential to lay the foundation for what SEO success looks like. If you are going to determine the timeframe for your SEO’s success, you should know what to expect or measure as success. 

When creating your SEO strategy, two things that you are most likely to have written down are your KPI and campaign goals. 

●  Campaign goals are the outcome you want to achieve with your campaign.

●  KPIs are the metrics that show the progress of your campaign towards your set goals. 

Both of these reflect your SEO effort and are measures of your success. According to Ninjaessays and Essay Mama, here’s a sample of an SEO campaign goal and KPI:

Campaign goal: to achieve X percentage increase in revenue over 12 months. 

KPI: increased search engine rankings, impressions, visibility, and organic traffic. 

When you set your goals, it is essential that you set measurable and realistic targets for your campaign effort. Campaign goals differ for each business or industry and may change significantly depending on several factors. 

However, the ideal time frame for you to start seeing the results of your SEO effort is between 6 to 12 months. SEO results here would refer to a measurable increase in your conversions, associated leads, or traffic. It may not necessarily mean that you have achieved your goal, but if you invest in SEO, you should be looking forward to the next six months to 12 months to start seeing noticeable results. 

The truth is, there’s not one figure that’s applicable for all websites. The best that you can do is estimate the best time based on your proposed strategy and your website’s current performance. It takes a while to achieve SEO success, and there is no debate. This is because, according to thesis writing services, search engines such as Google want their users to get the best results from the best websites first for their search queries. So, it would take a while before you achieve or deserve this rank. Top search visibility is earned, not given. 

However, using the right SEO strategy will ensure that you do not require more than 6 to 12 months before you start to see the result of your SEO effort and your website growth. 

Having said this, you must also know that certain factors may prevent you from seeing the results of your SEO effort soon enough. According to assignment help, these factors determine how long it will take for your SEO effort to work. Some of them are:

Your website history

Your SEO result will take longer if you are on a new domain because of the lack of backlinks or authority compared to those already on an established domain with backlinks and some authority. So, it may require up to 9 months to see the results. 

However, being on an established domain is not a free pass. You may also see results much later if there’s an SEO work against the Google Webmaster guidelines, a previous penalty against the domain, or it is affected by a significant algorithm update. 

The strength of your competition

You’ll see quicker results if you are in a low-competition niche than the more competitive niches. For instance, if you are trying to rank for a finance keyword with massive competition, such as credit cards, it may take you two years to achieve page 1 visibility. So, your niche and competition play a key role too. 

Your resources

The amount of resources you allocate towards your SEO project is crucial in how effective it is and how soon you see the result. If you want to see results faster, then you should allocate more resources to your SEO effort.


Several factors may determine the length of time before you see the result of your SEO effort. However, the ideal time is between 6 – 12 months.