How Narcissistic Relationship Can Cause Stress?

How Narcissistic Relationship Can Cause Stress?
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Feeling loved is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Someone showering you with all the love is for sure the thing you will never like to resist. But what if this love is coming from the wrong person.

The narcissist can be the most attractive person in your circle!. Now you are supposed to be someone who has to praise them and give them all your love! And if you fail to do so you are committing a crime. The narcissist is in charge of your life. So your life should revolve around them. So narcissists are so high on his ego that they are MR.RIGHT! Do not ever confuse this with overconfidence because this ain’t it!

Firstly, they will gain your attention and love by being nice and then they will show you their true colors with time. Since they are insecure they seek constant validation which can affect the people surrounding them.

Narcissistic Relationship Pattern:

Narcissistic relationships are not good for your emotional health. They don’t let you grow and don’t see you as a separate person but they love to explore how much of their needs you will fulfill. They are not easy to love. And you might not be able to distinguish a narcissist in the first few meetings. Because they appear very decent and charming at first. They will throw a trap on you, will make you fall in love with them, and then they will show you their true colors. But till then you will be so emotionally

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) involves a negative attitude, self-centeredness, and egoistic behavior. In many cases, the beginning phase is quite romantic and they show you all goodness.  This is an ideal phase of being in a relationship with them. And then over some time, this phase comes to an end, and they will start showing you their personality by suggesting you some things for your personality. And if you decline to follow their opinions they will see it as your fault in you. And will start distancing themselves.

Then there comes a discarding stage where the Narcissistic Relationship Pattern comes to an end. This is a common pattern but there are exceptions and at times people heal when there is a loving partner and can live a normal life.

Narcissistic Relationship Causing Stress:

  It is extremely stressful living with a narcissist, often leading to anxiety and depression. At times it can even make you physically sick.  These are common symptoms. You might experience gut disturbance. This is because our brain is connected to billions of microbes in our gut known as microbiota.

Over a few decades, it has been observed that there are connections between your brain and microbes. It might be surprising for you that the microbes talk to your brain through neurotransmitters.

And the longer your life is dominated by a narcissist, the more stress will be created, which can lead to depression, arthritis, headaches, and different allergies. You are the main target especially if you are giving.

It is difficult to deal with a narcissist especially if they are your parent or boss. When it comes to the spouse, just try to identify the signs as soon as possible and give up on it. In some cases, dealing with a narcissist can make you ill to a level that you might need clinical treatment. This is because dealing with them will make you continuously blamed and criticized. You could also feel like you are not good enough or that your feelings and opinions don’t matter at all.

Stress Relief:

“You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.”

Even after losing a narcissist, you might feel drained. You might start questioning your worth. To get rid of the after-effects, start switching up your habits and lifestyle to see what works perfectly for you. Make changes in your diet plans like get some bacteria from yogurt, get more fiber preferably from onions and green leafy vegetables. Exercise is also good for you. Exercise improves your emotional and physical health simultaneously,  good exercise is important for you to keep you away from the narcissist.

A narcissist can leave you emotionally imbalanced, so it will take time but just be consistent and work on yourself. Embrace yourself, and realize that you are a valuable individual. Try to work on calming your nervous system like getting some yoga classes.

Get support for yourself:

Abuse is a common trait of a narcissistic relationship. But you must draw a line between abusive behavior and narcissistic personality disorder. It is nice to accept that your beloved one is suffering but accepting abusive behavior is not. For abuse, seek help as soon as possible, be it emotional, physical, verbal, sexual, or financial.

Even if you are in a non-abusive relationship, it is better to set rigid boundaries. And seek therapy for yourself. This way you will be better able to handle things and be a support for your spouse too.

Connect with your inner self

Doing what you love and being able to connect with your inner self. Sat no to abuse and speak up for yourself. Once you realised you were in a narcissistic relationship, decide if you want to leave or stay. Narcissism is a state which can be treated if the spouse is loving. So there are several ways you can deal with a narcissistic personality. It is important to determine your role in a narcissistic relationship. Challenge yourself and change the partial dynamic. This will challenge your spouse to alter their connection styles. Meanwhile, you can analyze the fragility in the attitude of your:r partner regarding their self-esteem and be affectionate regarding that.

Married to a narcissist:

You need to decide if you want to stay in the relationship or leave if it is abusive. AT times it is not possible to live with a person with NPD.

Whatsoever the case is it is crucial to decide with your lawyers how do you need to proceed. You might need support even after the relationship has ended. Say no to abuse no matter what. The relationship will end and embrace the change. So that you can welcome more positivity in your life. Be your leader, focus on what you love, sketching, writing, painting, cooking, dancing, music,  etc.

Bottom line

Although it is very difficult to live with a narcissist, narcissism is not a state which you cant get rid of. A narcissist must try to suppress self-centeredness to make their relations happy and fruitful. All it needs is to try to be a person who cares about others, and empathetic. Being generous is another factor. Nothing in this world is free. We always need to invest time in ourselves and our relationship, caring about each other and doing small things to make each other happy are the components that can provide you relief from a lot of stress.

So if you are in a relationship you need to stay firm with your values and help your beloved out of this stage. Narcissism is nothing to fear about and it can be changed with your positive attitude.


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