How to be a Jingle or Music Maker

How to be a Jingle or Music Maker

Since the dawn of commercials, companies have been developing catchphrases to develop or grow the brand image. Integrating sound branding in these catchphrases makes different jingles. Earlier, lyrics were only used in radio advertising, but now, you see songs used in every platform used for advertising the brand.

Creating a jingle or music can be as straightforward or as different depending upon the skill set of every individual. We often hear that every individual is other in their way. Applying the same thought process in the jingle or music-making industry helps us understand that you need your unique set of skills to produce divergent rhyme or music. When it comes to the question, “how to be a jingle or music maker?” there are two kinds of answer to it. One relates to the career path options, and the other relates to how to land a job for making jingles.

What career options should one adopt, be a jingle or music maker?

This query can be answered in several ways, but the most straightforward answer to this question is that you don’t need a specific degree or college experience to make music or lyrics. What you need is the experience of playing instruments, composing music, and recording audios. If you have the experience of playing instruments, then searching for the right melody can be a little less demanding. Anyone who can play any instrument is well aware of the high notes, low notes, and variable options of music generation of that particular instrument. But if you don’t play any instrument, then understanding it can be tricky for you. Apart from this, you need a unique skill set. Skillset includes music talent, perseverance, promotional skills, discipline, interpersonal skills, and knowledge of advertising and composition concepts. Skills vary from person to person. Talent is inborn. Some people can learn it with time, but most people are born talented or are born with the correct skillset.

How to land a job as a jingle or music maker?

Landing your dream job or even a perfect job can be tricky in every field or career you choose. Some people still think that being a jingle creator or music maker isn’t a real job, but the world has changed, and there are as many jobs for music or jingle making as there are for other careers relating to science. If we look with a keen eye and observe our industry, we can land the best possible job and work towards more fame by learning through it. Here are six tips for you to help you with your job search as a jingle or music maker.

have demo materials ready:

Like every other job in art, jingle makers should also have their demo works ready to be represented. It is very professional to have a portfolio built for your job interviews. It shows your keen interest in the job and your professionalism side by side. Your work should represent your style and your thought process. Because, for writing jingles, you must put a lot of effort into your thought process so that the lyrics can be unique.

Research other jingles:

One way to gain easy experience is to study other jingles. You can easily go online and find YouTube instrumentals. Learning additional vocals is one thing and copying them is totally another thing. You can review famous and flop lyrics for the experience because studying flop jingles will give you the chance to analyze the mistakes made by the writer or composer of the lyrics. You can learn from their mistakes and will surely avoid repeating them.

Recreation of vibe, not song:

Some writers will suggest you get inspired by the already famous song. What they mean by this is to get inspiration and make your jingle by being playful. Some fresh jingle makers get the idea to copy the tune and write slogans to match the song. This way, you are only re-creating the existing data. You should get the vibe it gives off and work on that.

Get familiar with unions:

Once you get the job, one thing you should be focusing on is, making yourself better every day. It would help if you made connections in the industry. It would be best if you were pushing yourself aware of the things or efforts that go into the business. One such thing is getting yourself familiar with the unions. Sometimes, your client may want to produce music or jingles in collaboration and make unions with other singers, composers, or jingle makers. You should be able to get the job done accordingly. But this can only happen if you are aware of what unions are and how they work.

The given data should be helpful in your career selection and progression. You can always strive for better opportunities. You can work as a jingle or music maker by representing a single brand or working as a freelancer. But whatever the circumstances, learning should always be the critical goal. That is how you can learn and grow. Communication is essential for understanding your client. You can have all the talent, but if you do not understand your client’s need, what good is talent then?

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