How to be a successful entrepreneur


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So, you want to become an entrepreneur!

Why not?

Running your business gives you a sense of ownership, more freedom and empowerment.

Whether you are just starting or already an established player in the market, you want to win the game.

Entrepreneurship is about having your vision, and decision-making authority. You enjoy the fruits of your success and take accountability for the failures.

People who understand their strength and weaknesses, their competitors,  and willing to take risks; aspire to become an entrepreneur. A successful one!

Read about G Scott Patterson and Michele Romanow to know more about successful entrepreneurs.

Here is how you can fulfil your dream:

Leave your comfort zone:

Challenge yourself every day and find ways to achieve it. You will have to motivate yourself and push your limits higher.

Love what you do:

If you continually chase after money, you will get tired soon. Be passionate about your work. Invest your time and energy in something that you love. Money and success will follow.

Kath Purkis is one of those entrepreneurs who believes in doing what you love. Kath explains that entrepreneurial success comes from have a deep understanding of your business, the market and your customer. If you do what you love you’re motivated to know these things, regardless of the outcome, it will give you the competitive edge over the competition.

Get determined:

Successful people have ‘grit’. It is perseverance and confidence. You need the grit to move ahead when everyone tells you not to. As an entrepreneur, you will fail many times. To be successful, you need to stand up and run again.

Michele Romanow is in the list of Canadian entrepreneurs who personify persevarance.

Take risks:

Don’t do what is easy; Do what is right for your business. Recognize your risk and calculate the results. Put a step forward. Successful entrepreneurs know which horse to bet on.

Set goals:

You may have great ideas and the right skills, but if you don’t have clear objectives and goals, you will reach nowhere. Successful entrepreneurs have clear professional and personal goals.

Connect with other entrepreneurs and leaders:

Learn from them about their failures and how they converted those failures to their success. Implement the correct practices in your business and build great partners.

Be decisive:

Learn to make quick decisions. Successful entrepreneurs act. Learn not to get trapped in the thinking and planning process. Don’t make impulsive decisions, and don’t even wait for the storm to pass. To win over your competition, you have to act before them.

Empower those working for you:

You need a team as you can’t win the game alone. Your success depends on your people’s success. Empower your employees and motivate them. Appreciate them often. A happy employee will work hard to make you a successful entrepreneur.

Check your cashflows:

You may get obsessed with your sales and ignore your receivables. It can eventually lead you into a financial trap. Entrepreneurs need cashflows to reinvest in their business. Don’t rely too much on outside capital. Manage your cashflows efficiently. Listen to your customers: Customer is the king. They can break you and make you. Successful entrepreneurs know how to keep their loyal customers happy. Communicate clearly with your customers and give them the highest value proposition

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