How to Become an Armed Guard

Armed Guard

Becoming an armed guard is one of the most rewarding career choices. Armed guards are responsible for defending businesses, their employees, and even their customers. However, to become an armed guard, you must take several steps and prepare beforehand. Below are some of the many ways you can become an armed guard and stand out from the competition.

Train For Physical Fitness

Before becoming a security guard, training for physical fitness is crucial to help you prepare for the job and emergencies. While most security jobs require standing at a specific post for several hours, this doesn’t mean you won’t come into contact with unruly customers or other threats.

It’s essential to train for physical fitness before considering your career as a security guard. To train for physical fitness:

  • Increase your exercise routine and focus on cardio exercises for better stamina
  • Visit the doctor to determine if you can stand for hours 
  • Incorporate a healthy diet
  • Focus on military-training exercises

Consider an Emergency Medical Technician License 

Security guards need to be able to perform basic life support functions in case of an emergency. For instance, if someone loses consciousness or experiences a heart attack, most guards will need to conduct basic life support assistance like CPR.

Consider taking an EMT course to become a licensed emergency medical technician. An EMT license can help you prepare for worst-case scenarios such as natural disasters. You can also stand out among competitors with an EMT background. EMTs are incredibly valuable in any setting, and fortunately, obtaining an EMT license only takes around one semester. 

Pass All Training Courses

While not all security positions require an EMT license, most security positions will require you to pass specific training courses. For instance, California requires security guards to pass 14 hours of training. In other states like Connecticut, security candidates must pass CT pistol permit classes before applying to operate a weapon.

Once you pass your courses, you are well on your way toward working as an armed security guard. Make sure to ask your instructors for help and feedback, in case you’re having a hard time passing your training courses.

Apply For Gun Permits

All armed security guards need to apply for permits to operate a weapon. These permits are required not just for private security jobs, but also statewide. Gun permits will need to be specific to the state you work in. For instance, while training for a  CT pistol permit and blue card, you will learn about specific state rules for Connecticut. 

After you apply for a gun permit and pass all relevant training courses, you will then be awarded the ability to carry a gun as an armed security guard. Some people, including active-duty military members and police officers, might automatically qualify for a gun permit. Consider asking the specific company you’d like to work for more information on application procedures and training courses.

Consider Your Desired Job Environment

It would be best if you also considered the desired job environment you want to work in. Did you want to work in an environment such as a federal bank, hospital, or armored car?

Once you finish your training requirements, consider which of these environments suits your career goals, and start applying for the security job of your dreams! Working as an armed security guard can also help prepare you for a career in law enforcement. 

Follow these steps above to help you land the perfect armed security guard job. 


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