When was the last time a service person visited your home? Was this person on time? Careful? Was pricing clear up front or were there surprise costs in the final bill? How did you feel about the results of the work? Was your home treated with respect? In the end, were you left with a bigger mess to clean up than when you started? Carpet cleaning is like any in-home service. The experience can be positive, or it can be a headache all around.  Some cleaners make carpet problems worse. In those cases, customers end up paying twice. They pay for the original service and they pay for a more trustworthy carpet cleaner to fix the damage.

Also, when you are the owner of a business it is even more difficult. Everyone wants a nice and clean office space that promotes creativity and productivity. A good working environment that keeps people calm and pleasant is ideal. As such, it makes sense that every aspect of said office space is perfectly ordered and presentable. Additionally, it’s important that the office space makes a good first impression on clients and co-workers dropping by.

If the carpet in your workspace is dirty and full of stains, your work will undoubtedly be affected. You and your colleagues will feel uncomfortable and unconsciously distracted. 

The solution?  Professional carpet cleaning!

But before you get up and call a carpet technician, here are some things to think about:

  1. Tools and Technology

Equipment and products play major roles in carpet cleaning.

Out-of-date or out-of-order equipment can really limit what your carpet cleaner is able to do. As more cleaning technologies hit the market, those who stay on the cutting edge will always be able to offer their clients the best value.

Improved technology not only increases capabilities and lowers price, but it also pushes the envelope on what can be cleaned or restored.

Another important thing to look into is what cleaning products a potential carpet cleaning company uses. Carpet cleaning products differ widely in their environmental impacts. If a carpet cleaning company uses environmentally harmful products, this won’t just affect the environment; it can also be an invisible health hazard. 

Not only can carpets harbour germs, but due to their structure, they can also trap harmful chemicals. Because of this, carpets are notorious for being a reservoir for the uptake and re-emission of chemical agents. In other words, if a cleaning company uses harmful cleaning agents, these can get trapped in your carpet and slow-release over time. 

Besides this, synthetic carpets can also trigger chemical transformations if treated with toxic cleaning substances, which can in turn release fumes into the air.

  1. Affordability 

In the business world, many people have heard the old saying “you get what you pay for.” This phrase is important in many aspects of the business world, but it may not be true when it comes to choosing a cleaning company for the carpets. In fact, many people have found that some of the less expensive companies did better work. Professional carpet cleaning is worth the cost and many customers generally love the outcome when they hire a professional. 

There are times that customers choose not to hire great cleaning companies just because of the high prices. But “expensive” does not always necessarily mean “best.” There are still companies that offer awesome services at a reasonable price. Do your research first and find professional carpet cleaning services that fit your budget plan. 

  1. Accreditation and Insurance

Any company that comes into a home to clean it must be bonded by the state. They must also have insurance and licenses. This paperwork means that the staff has had background checks and if anything happens to the furniture or property, the company is prepared to cover any of the damages.

  1. Reputation (reviews)

Reviews of companies come in handy when choosing the right one. Most of the reviews come from real customers, unless a company pays for them. One thing to remember is to check the positive and negative reviews. If a company has more negative ones, chances are, they are not to be trusted.

On the other side of things, when someone goes out of their way to say positive things about a business, you know that experience must have been truly excellent.  You can really only earn consistent five star reviews by hitting all three things that customers are looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a carpet cleaning company in Dublin, Happy Clean has over a thousand reviews.

The most successful in-home service professionals build their business on life-long customers and referrals.  The only way to do that is to do a great job with a smile for a fair price.  That is also how you earn authentic online reviews and other testimonials.

  1. Type of Cleaning

Many carpet cleaners offer a very specific way of cleaning the carpets. There are two types that are usually offered: dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning. The type chosen will change the cost of the job. 

Steam cleaning is very popular. It uses hot water and cleaning chemicals to get the dirt and fibres out of the carpet. Steam cleaning takes a lot more time and is usually preferred by property managers and landlords to use when tenants have moved out. 

  1. Knowing the needs

When it comes to getting carpets all clean, knowing the needs of the floors and customer is key. By knowing the type of carpet, what kind of stains it has had, and the age of the carpet, customers can help the cleaner figure out what the floors need to be cleaned properly.
The cleaners will ask these types of questions and find out what type of chemicals can be used on the carpets. They will inquire about pets and children and any allergies that may be in the home.

  1. Years of experience 

You want a company that has been in business, with technicians who have been doing it for a long time.

On the company level, longevity can serve as proof of customer satisfaction.  It indicates intelligent business practices.

For a technician, experience adds to educate to increase efficiency.  It also makes your carpet cleaner a better problem solver.  And given a healthy company culture, experience should also continually develop customer service skills and ethics.

  1. Transparency

Honesty is so important in businesses.

Service companies that make promises they can’t keep usually end up going out of business—and they should.  Fair play is so important.

Unfair price gouging, hidden fees and intentional misquoting is the fastest path to one-star reviews.  Do some digging into the one star reviews of a service professional near you and you are all but guaranteed to find multiple complaints about just this practice.

Speaking of guarantees, true money back guarantees are a great way for service professionals to wear their quality like a badge of honour.

In the end, it is your responsibility to vet the contractors who will enter your home.  Fail to do your due diligence, and the consequences could be tragic.

  1.  Customer-Centric Process

Again, the service industry is about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. The best way to ensure customer satisfaction is to build it into your process.  This way, every customer receives the same level of service.  At the same time, it allows a company to be more versatile.  If an exception is required, adjustments are easily accounted for.

The best service contractors build their process around the wants and needs of their client base.

  1. Ask for Recommendations 

Word of mouth is the best way to find a great carpet cleaning company. Friends and family members are great sources and if their carpets look great, chances are the company they choose is the best! Social media word of mouth is also a good place to look.
Choosing a clean can be tough, but once the choice is made, it will be well worth it. The carpets will have a great look to them and there will be a peace of mind that goes along with it.

You can find many companies that offer professional carpet cleaning services in the market right now. You need to find one that best suits your company’s needs, budget, and preferences. A simple search online can give you a lot of vital information about the company you’re planning to hire. Just don’t forget to read reviews and do a bit of research to make sure you’re choosing the best professionals to clean and maintain your precious carpet.