How to Declutter Your Garage? A Complete Guide

How to Declutter Your Garage? A Complete Guide

Last Updated on July 13, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Are you short of space in your garage or worried about the mess and thinking of a new garage with more space? Don’t panic because it’s not only your garage but almost 43.7% of people have a messy and disorganized area in the name of the garage.

A garage is simply a place or an area in a house where we keep our vehicles and all the stuff related to vehicles and traveling which also need proper cleaning, care, and organization. But we neglect this fact and put more and more into the garage which causes a mess and space shortage. The ultimate resort is to hire garage cleanout Fairfield CA services and make the area as clean as it’s new.

Other than that, there are many other ways you can declutter your garage. Here are some of them:

7 Important steps in decluttering your garage

Construct a Scheme of Action

Planning is key to doing any work perfectly if we start work immediately without any scheme of work, it will waste a lot of time, and end up with nothing but only tiredness. So, divide the whole process into steps by making a list of ‘To Do’.

Splitting of Materials 

 The very first and most important step is to dedifferentiate between necessary, extra, and useless material. It’s a long process that may take a whole weekend.

Don’t think of it as a burden, you can do it by making it a game and fun with the help of children.

Use three boxes or containers with labels 

Make it very clear which material is necessary and useful, ask the kids to throw it in the keep material box. Separate the material which is outdated or you have not used for the last few years. If these are expensive and are in good condition, then keep them in the selling box or you may donate them to your friends or any other. Find out the useless material and other garbage and dispose of them gently. 

  • Necessary material or keep 
  • Selling and donating stuff 
  • Trash

Handling of Toxic Materials

A lot of stuff like batteries, old paints, different cleaning agents, and wasted fluids contain highly toxic materials which are health hazards and a major reason for environmental pollution. To lower the negative impact of Such materials they need to be handled with care and discarded gently. Instead of pouring these poisonous fluids into your drains, dispose of them properly on the dropped-off locations assigned by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Shelves Organization  

Instead of using ground space, use vertical space by shelves like your home. It will help you to organize things in a better way and you will move freely in your garage.

It is not necessary to purchase a shelf unit for this purpose, you can use bricked shelves or may use wood to make shelves that permit you to go up and arrange the stuff nicely.


Use of transparent and plastic bins is highly recommended for organizing the different kinds of stuff and to avoid the crowd in a garage but it’s not compulsory you can use any type of boxes for this task.

When using plain and colored bins for keeping different kinds of materials then labeling is a necessary step you should follow if you desire to keep your garage clutter-free for a long time.

It’s very hectic and exhausting to look into every bin searching for a tool especially when you are already getting late. Labeling of boxes, containers, or bins allows easy and immediate access to the desired tool without making any mess.


After clearing the mess, the most important step is cleaning. Before starting cleaning make sure your garage has proper ventilation to avoid any risk of falling sick.

Wearing a mask is compulsory to prevent inhaling toxic substances while cleaning with hard chemicals. Swipe down all the windows and walls by using a cleaning brush or simple Broome before cleaning the floor. After cleaning all the surfaces, wash the floor with a good detergent and spray with insecticide and air fresher to give a good finish. 

Keep your garage organized

Completing this mission and seeing your garage well organized is very pleasant but it’s not the end. What’s important is that to keep it organized and clean for a longer haul, it will be done by building a strong habit to keep the tools and other accessories back to the place after usage. Make a proper schedule for cleaning and upgrading your garage to keep it clean and organized forever.

There you have it! Follow these effective tips and you will have garage absolutely cleaned and free from any clutter. However, if there’s too much junk, consider hiring 3 Kings Hauling, the best junk removal company in town.