How to Dismiss a Strata Manager?

Strata Manager
How to Dismiss a Strata Manager

Strata Manager or Strata could be defined as a single building or group of buildings that are divided into apartments. These units or apartments are known as lots. These apartments could be on different levels in a horizontal direction. The management of all the day-to-day affairs, bank affairs, and maintenance of all the apartments is known as strata management. 

The person who is responsible for the strata management is called a strata manager. All the maintenance works that come under it are the responsibilities of the strata manager. Strata managers also help to solve different issues of strata. 

Many people might think strata managers and property managers are the same. But they are different from each other, as a strata manager is hired by the owners of all the apartments, while a property manager is hired by the owner of a single property. 

Sometimes your strata managers might not work well. They did not respond positively even after warnings. Then the only solution is to dismiss the previous one and hire a new body for this work. It might seem easy to replace them, but you should follow a strategic change management process to do so. 

There are the following steps required to replace the strata manager. 

1. Have a Look at your Agreement

The first thing to do is to check out the contract or agreement on the basis of which you hired a strata manager. It is necessary because if termination goes against some terms of the contract, it could cause big trouble for you. It may lead to a court trial. So, you should review your contract. Note the length of the contract and its remaining duration. Then check the terms according to which you can perform an early termination. 

Check the procedure of giving the notice letter to the manager. Also, check the method by which you should deliver it. Note the length of the notice period. Carefully notice about any extra procedure that should be completed before termination. It would be nice to get legal advice before performing any action.

2. Decide About the Change

After reviewing the contract, the next step is to decide on the change or termination. You should decide the time by which you have to get rid of your strata manager. A single person could not decide this. Talk with owners of the corporation or executive committee for this purpose. 

3. Choosing a New Strata Manager

You could easily terminate any person when you know about the replacement. It’s necessary for termination. The same thing happens in the case of terminating your strata manager. When you have someone to occupy his/her place, it would be easy for you to make the decision.

Arrange a meeting of the world executive committee and ponder upon the candidates that could be your new strata manager. You could ask the candidates to show their proposal. It would make it easy to select. Then finalize your decision about the new manager and deal with him/her.

4. Call a Meeting

The Strata manager could only terminate in a meeting of the owner’s corporation. You have to arrange a meeting. This meeting will take the final decision of termination. It’s just like some assembly elections. Voting or something else like it would be done to decide. Agreeing the majority of the owner’s corporation is necessary to terminate the manager. 

5. Completion of the Paperwork

After taking the decision in the meeting, the next step is to complete the paperwork. It involves signing the termination papers. Then send a formal notice to the strata manager. Email would be a perfect way to perform this. It also involves the signing of a new contract with the new strata manager.

6. Handover the Duties

This is the last step. As you have already selected and signed a new strata manager. So, the next step is to give him a formal intro to his/her duties. After this, hand over all the necessary data and duties to him/her. This is the process of dismissing a strata manager. If you want to replace yours, you can contact strategy experts like Unitive Consultingfor this purpose. It will help you to repeat mistakes that you have done previously while choosing a new manager.


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