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How to Get the Perfect Shave

How to Get the Perfect Shave

How many dozens of different electric razors and powered shavers have you seen on the market? While these have some value, they are not without some gimmickry. 

The best shave comes from a traditional razor. If you are wondering how to get the perfect shave, read on. 

This guide will examine the steps and tools you need to get your skin as smooth as possible. 

Choose a Sharp Razor

Shaving begins with the proper tools. Again, the electric devices have their place, but a close shave comes from a shaving razor. 

There are anywhere from two to seven-blade razors available. While the blade count is a user preference, make sure your razor is new and sharp. There is no better way to get razor rash than using a dull blade. 

So, with a fresh razor in hand, let’s get to work. 

Wash Face

The perfect shave is not something to be rushed. One of the best shaving tips is washing your face. Before you even bring the blade to your face, wash the area with hot soapy water. 

This process opens pores, softens hair, and stimulates the skin. For even better results, place a hot washcloth on your face for 30 seconds. 

If you have the time, you may even consider taking a hot shower before you shave. 

Apply Shaving Cream

Soap works for a shave in a pinch, but, for the best results, you need to use the right shaving products. There are dozens of quality brands of cream, balm, or clear shaving gel available. 

Apply the product everywhere the blade is going to touch. If you have thick hair, let the cream or gel soak in for a few minutes. This will help soften the hair further. 

Using the Razor

It’s time to bring blade to face. Start at the top of your beard line on your cheek. Holding the razor at a 45-degree angle, bring the blade down to your jawline in one motion. This will keep you from nicking your cheeks with the blade. 

The next step is the neckline. On the first pass, shave in the same direction the hair grows. To get the blade even closer, use your free hand to pull the skin tight in the path of the blade. 

The Second Pass

Sometimes, one run with the blade is enough. However, this guide is about the perfect shave. If you want an even closer cut, it’s time for a second pass. 

With the saving gel gone, you should be able to see any hairs that you missed. Re-lather a new coat of shaving cream and repeat the process with the blade. 

Rinse and Lather

Rinse away all the leftover shaving cream tracks from your face. If you ended up cutting yourself, a cold water rinse will soothe these areas. 

Gently dry your face with a towel. The final step is applying aftershave. Aftershave or balm will keep your face from drying out. Now, your face has never been smoother. With this process, you’ll feel fresh to take on the day. 

How to Get the Perfect Shave

Forget about electric razors. If you are wondering how to get the perfect shave, keep this guide in mind. Follow these steps for a close, smooth shave. 

If you found this guide useful, stick around the blog for other great lifestyle tips. 

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