How To Make Your House Feel More Like Home

Make your house feel more like home

Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by Aiman Emaan

Even if a house looks interesting, that doesn’t mean it’s a comfortable place to live. Even a house that looks like a box can be a great place to live if the owner or renter takes care of it and makes it a nice place to come home to after a long day at work. It just depends on how it is set up and what is done inside. With that in mind, you should really try to make your house feel more like home and inviting as soon as you walk in the door. Here are some good ways to do it.

Look At Your Windows

You might not pay much attention to your windows besides looking out (or in) them as you walk by, but if you want to make your home more comfortable, you should really think about them. If the curtains and blinds have been there since you moved in and belonged to the last people who lived there, take them down and replace them with something that fits your style. You could even try making them yourself. It’s also essential to keep your windows clean because that shows how well you take care of your home in general.


Putting pictures on the walls or on windowsills and shelves is another way to make a house feel more like home. Choose photos that show your personality and how much you care about your family, friends, or even pets. Most of your pictures will be on a computer, so you’ll need to print them out and choose the right frames. Make sure you have backup copies of your images to keep them safe, and you can even change them around once in a while by adding different ones when the mood strikes. 

Make It Smell Nice

If you try to think of all the places in your life where you felt most at home, there’s a good chance they all had a unique smell. Even now, you might be able to smell that scent and be instantly taken back to a happy, safe, and homey place. It’s important to make your own home smell good because your friends, family, and especially your children will have the same experience as you when they smell something that serves to remind them of your home, making them remember the good times.

Scented candles, incense sticks, and air fresheners will all help make your home feel warm and inviting. You can also make nice smells just by being in your home and using it the way it was meant to be used. For example, when you bake and use Christmas cookie cutter stencils, the house always smells great, just like when you put fresh flowers in a vase.

Indoor Plants

Plants really do make a house look more like a home. You could choose flowers that smell nice (which we know is important, as mentioned above), or, if you want something more permanent, you could choose an indoor plant. Make sure you know where to put them so they can grow well, and they will make your home look much better.

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