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How To Manage Inventory By Buying Wholesale Clothing


Every boutique owner needs a strategy to encourage efficiency and increase revenue. Small business owners have to enhance customer satisfaction, manage inventory, and increase profits. Keep in mind that it is easier to write down your business goals than actually implementing them. The trick to rocking the clothing industry is to have customer-first goals.

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Clothing wholesalers want their customers to be satisfied through pacing orders successfully and generating profits. Tweaking inventory purchase process helps owners of clothing boutiques succeed. The purchase process from your supplier determines your inventory management. It is very important to choose a wholesale distributor who understands and is willing to help.

Managing inventory for small clothing boutique owners

Clothing retailers process orders store and sell inventory to customers. This involves knowing where to buy wholesale clothing from, determining order size, making purchases, keeping an inventory, and selling to your customers. Great care is required so you incur as little damage as possible while maximizing the profit margins. The trick to getting an edge over competitors is to understand the inventory management process. Knowledge of sourcing wholesale clothing also plays a significant role.

Here’re insider tips you’ll appreciate

Get a reliable wholesaler

It is very important to get a wholesale clothing supplier with whom to build a long-term relationship. The wholesale will learn more about your business and offer necessary assistance throughout the buying process. Additionally, the supplier won’t hesitate to share industry tricks, special sales, and discounts if you have a good relationship with them.

Another perk to benefit from working closely with a supplier is a chance to enjoy cuts in shipping costs. Wholesale clothing suppliers also notify clients about trending news in the industry. The best way to enjoy all these perks is to buy boutique clothing in wholesale from a reliable supplier.

Order bulk and enjoy price cuts

Smart business owners understand the importance of getting suppliers in bulk. This ensures that there’s no need to keep customers waiting until you replenish stock. The best thing about buying clothing in bulk is enjoying massive price cuts. You have to check the minimum order quantity when browsing products.  Since wholesalers make more money when customers buy in bulk, you are likely to enjoy massive discounts and other perks when you make a bulk order.

Understand when to order small batches

Purchasing in bulk is a wonderful idea most of the time. However, you have to understand a situation where making small orders is a viable option. The biggest inspiration for a big order is to purchase a minimum order quantity to enjoy a discount. However, this might not work for you when buying sample items. To order in bulk might be suicidal in case the product fails to appeal to customers. You can make small orders to test run the products before ordering bigger orders.

Understand the delivery schedule

One of the most significant things you have to check before sourcing wholesale clothing from a particular distributor is to check the delivery schedule. There’s a likelihood of not receiving all the items at once.  You have to be sure that the time of delivering the items matches your delivery schedule. Having a delivery schedule makes product placement easier in your store. A first in first out approach allows selling order items so you don’t lose money when the clothing goes out of range. To sell seasonal items use a last-in, first-out approach.

Pick a supplier of exclusive apparel

When selecting a distributor of wholesale ladies’ clothing, you have to do your homework. This might include reading reviews, checking references, or asking friends and family for recommendations. The rule of thumb is to work with a supplier with quality and popular clothing items that your customers will love.

Additionally, the ideal supplier should have business integrity to ensure that the transaction is a win-win for both parties. Sticking to a reliable supplier will attract loyalty from the distributor as well as a chance to enjoy perks including discounts.

Be a nice customer

Lastly, you have to be mindful of your attitude towards the supplier. If you owe the supplier money, always make timely payments. If you appreciate the supplier’s services, don’t hesitate to leave them a great review on their Google My Business page. Equally important is to avoid getting rude to the company agents on the phone.

You should also create Google My Business for local businesses. So, be ready to share feedback whether positive or negative. Being sincere will show the supplier that you value them and you will go into their good books. This might attract you to preferential treatment such as price cuts and free shipping.

Bottom line

Access to inventory is key to running a successful business. Keep in mind that wholesale suppliers usually have different customers. However, developing a great working relationship with the distributor is a trick to always receive preferential treatment from a wholesale clothing distributor. Practice the ideas above and you’ll always have the latest trends for your customers.

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