How to Pick an Online Vet

How to Pick an Online Vet

Online Veterinarians have become more popular since Covid made their use lucrative during mandated shutdowns of some clinical areas. What do these services do?

The Best Vet To Choose

If your pet’s current vet offers online consulting, that is the best choice you can make for your pet. A lot of modern vet offices offer some kind of service that is mobile for the convenience of their clients. Sometimes these online vet consultations are even free for current customers.

Online, text, and phone in services have been around for a long time. The laws that exist surrounding diagnosing and treating animals after a phone or internet consultation are already set in the United States. The vet can diagnose or treat an animal under their care only if they have done a hands-on exam in the recent past of the pet in question. The amount of time after an exam that they can utilize online diagnostic services (or phone services) depends on their state and local laws.

What Online Services Can Do For Your Pet

If you have questions for a knowledgeable professional that is a vet, regarding the care of your pet, online vets that are there for consultation only might be a good choice for you. Even if the vet has never seen your pet in person, you can still ask general questions about your pet through an online service to receive their help.

Behavioral Issues

If your pet is having behavioral changes that have you concerned, this is a key problem that an online consultant can help you with. Aggression, changes in toileting habits, problems with new pets in the home, and issues with family members and a pet are all questions that can be asked to an online vet for further guidance.


If you are wondering how to change your pet’s diet, or if you think your pet isn’t responding well to a diet, this is another good thing to ask an online vet about. Problems like diarrhea, inability to urinate or defecate or frequent vomiting are considered emergent problems, however. These kinds of issues should be treated by a vet who can examine your pet before giving further guidance.

General Health

Any questions about the general health of your pet, such as things like itching, excess panting, or other things that you don’t know if it is a behavior to be worried about can be expressed to an online vet. They will be able to tell you if you should bring your pet in for an exam or if it is something normal with an easy explanation.

Great For Exotic Pet Owners

One great use for online/phone consultation with vets is for exotic pets. Specialists for some pets may be harder to get your pet to, so an online service is especially useful for questions. Some animals might not exhibit symptoms of illness that are as easy to recognize as in other species. An online vet might be able to provide life-saving advice for your pet weeks before it becomes emergent. The care of exotic birds, fish, amphibians, and lesser-known pets can be consulted upon with experts that don’t live anywhere near your area.

Online Vets Are A Convenient Way To Stay Informed

Online vet services are not a substitute for in-office exams, and if your pet is exhibiting any kind of illness or behavior that concerns you that they are sick, you should get them into a vet as soon as possible. However, online vets offer pet owners convenient, 24-hour access to licensed veterinarians, as well as the knowledge of vet techs, pet trainers, and other specialists. Virtual veterinarians can’t legally diagnose or treat pets (unless they have already seen your pet recently, as stated above), but they can definitely answer your pressing questions about things like parasite prevention, good diets, grooming issues, behavior, and exercise.


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