How to Safely Store Your Guns

How to Safely Store Your Guns
A handgun is presented from the inside of a lock box.

Are you planning on buying your first firearm?

You’ll likely be wondering which gun to buy, what safety tips are important, etc. But you also need to know about weapon storage.

This is especially crucial if there are others in your home. If you have young children, you want to ensure that they can never easily access your gun.

Staying safe also includes keeping your firearm away from anyone who can’t use it properly.

So what are the best options for weapon storage?

Here’s what you need to know about how to store weapons:

Gun Safe

The first step is to invest in the best fireproof gun safe to store your weapon. This safe is designed to keep your gun in place and locked. You’ll also get to keep your cartridges, magazines, ammo, and holster.

You can find a gun safe that locks through a combination code or a key — or both. Some advanced gun safes also have biometric features to open them.

You must never give access to the gun safe to anyone who doesn’t know how to use a firearm.

For example, during a hostile situation, you might not have easy access to your gun. But if someone else does and they aren’t trained with firearms, this will cause more problems than it’ll solve!

As such, if you live with others and trust them with your gun you want to make sure they’re trained with using it first!

Storing Your Gun Safe

The next step is to figure out where you’ll store your gun safe. If you live on your own, you want to store it in a place that you can access immediately.

For example, you might want to keep it by your bedside table. Or you might want to keep it under your bed.

You might also want to conceal the gun safe even when it’s in a closet or cupboard. You can drape it with a large cloth or hide it by placing shopping bags, clothes, or other furniture in front of it.

If you live with others, you might want to keep it away from plain sight. You can keep it in your wardrobe or storage closet. If you have young children, keep the gun safe on a shelf.

You also want to make sure that the children have no idea that you own a gun in the first place! If they do, you need to find a way to restrict their access to it. Children will be curious about the gun and you want to make it hard for them to get to it.

Make sure there are no ladders, stools, or step-ladders that the children can climb on to access the gun safe.

To take even more precautions you can install a CCTV or spy camera near your gun safe. If you catch them trying to access your gun safe you should move it elsewhere.

Storing Your Ammo

Apart from in your gun safe, you want to find other places to keep extra ammo.

If you live on your own or with other responsible gun owners, you can keep extra ammo by your bed. You can keep it within a drawer on your bedside table or even under your bed.

You can also keep boxes of ammo in your wardrobe. If you’re really concerned about your safety, you might want to invest in a large jacket where you can keep ammo in the inner and outer pockets!

If you have children you want to keep your ammo hidden. While ammo on its own isn’t as dangerous, children can still get harmed if they play around with raw bullets.

Keep your ammo in a locked box or a regular safe on a top-shelf. Once again, make sure your storage box is concealed from your children.

Protection From Nature

It’s not just criminals or your children whom you have to be concerned about with weapon storage! You also need to protect your gun and gun safe from the elements of nature.

With the fireproof gun safe, the gun is likely to not get damaged in the event of a conflagration.

You also want to watch out for flooding. If you live in an area where this is common, then keeping your gun safe under the bed isn’t an option. If you live in an area with hurricanes, you want to keep it in an enclosed space. This lessens the chance of the gun safe flying off!

But what if you live in a place with humidity and intense heat? You want to invest in a dehumidifier for your gun safe. You also want to make sure that your home is at room temperature or cold most of the time.

Make sure you also clean your gun safe regularly. This can prevent rust or corrosion.

Guns on the Go

What if you need to travel with your gun? You can invest in a “gun drawer” that you can install inside your car or van.

These drawers can hold your guns and ammo. You can then shut and lock the drawers until you reach your destination. These are often popular for gun owners who use guns for hunting or sports.

If this isn’t feasible, then you want to keep your gun safe in your car’s trunk. While you might want to keep it near you, the gun safe might become a dangerous projectile if you get into an accident.

Note: Please make sure you research the laws concerning carrying guns in your car within your jurisdiction.

That’s How Weapon Storage Works

Now that you know the rules of weapon storage, you can make the right decision when you start owning weapons.

Make sure you first decide on what type of gun works best for you. For first-time owners, the ideal option is to own a handgun. You want to then choose a great gun safe for keeping this gun locked away.

You want to know where to keep your gun so that others can’t access it. Ensure that you never give access to your gun to anyone who isn’t a responsible gun owner!

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