How to search for new music


Finding new music is a very personal and intimate process. But I plucked up the courage and decided to talk about how I do it. And if you still listen to Telugu HQ MP3 music on your Naa songs page, then here it is your best choice.

Perhaps a person who can listen to one song more than 60 times has no right to write such an article. Still, I love finding new music and often enjoy even the search process itself.

Remember what you had to do to find new music 30-40 years ago. At best, take a cassette from friends, at worst – run to a music store, hoping that there was a new arrival. What needs to be done now? Not so much.

That’s all you need to type in your browser’s search bar to get dozens of links to the music you want. When comparing us with music lovers who lived 50 years ago, it becomes clear that we cannot even stutter that it is difficult to find new music.But this is actually difficult.

Having access to such a simple search, we were faced with another problem – an excess of music. And although I don’t know the statistics, I dare say that 90% of music is complete crap. If this bothers you, we can reduce the figure to 80%.

And if it’s not difficult to find famous performers, then what to do with the search for new talent? After all, there are a lot of them too. Among all the “Drowning Cowards” and David Guetta, who releases a new record every 44 minutes, it becomes very difficult to find really good music. But probably.

Streaming services

This is the easiest and most reliable way. By paying for a subscription in any Google Music  or iTunes Match , you get not only access to free music, but also the opportunity to use the recommendations of the service based on your preferences. This is enough for the first time, but then the recommendations become boring, and the music becomes monotonous.

And then you need to move on to the next step.

Email newsletters

You are probably guilty of receiving mailings like “Top 10 Recipes” or “20 News of the Last Week.” So why not add a newsletter to learn about really good music? For example, the RCRD mailing list, which sends you a selection of the best music every day or every week. The collection will contain several songs of each genre, so you can find what you need.


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