How To Space Furniture In Your Room – Tips To Decorate

How To Space Furniture In Your Room - Tips To Decorate

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After going through various interior design magazines, and websites, and spending tons of money on various stunning pieces of furniture, does your home still feel just off and don’t know what is wrong? It could be the furniture placement and spacing. Having the right amount of space between things in the house gives the right flow or movement and contributes to a happy and calm look. If you have oversized furniture and want to replace them, Wakefit has many options. But if the existing furniture is good and it is just about ideal placement, follow the below spacing guidelines. 

Living Room

Distance between TV and Seating

Ideally, the distance between the TV and the seating should be at least 1.5 times the screen diagonal size. This guideline can be followed if you have a large living room. But if you live in an urban apartment, you may not be able to follow this guideline. If that is the case, what can be done is that you should leave enough space between the seating and the TV, ensuring that it does not feel like a cramped movie theatre. 

Distance between Coffee Table and Sofa

The best furniture for the home is the one that suits the space. So choose things as per the dimensions. Usually, you would want the coffee table to be close to the sofa so that you can comfortably reach for your glass of water or the remote. However, the distance should be such that there is ample legroom so that you do not hit your leg when you get up. So experts recommend a distance of 14 to 18 inches between a sofa set with center table.

When it comes to side tables, the thumb rule is to place them close enough to the seating so that you can easily reach for a coffee cup or a magazine. 

Distance between two seats

The seating arrangement should encourage conversations. However, the distance between the seats should be such that there is enough walking space and personal space between people seated on the sofa. Place those modern sofa sets for the living room that you purchase so that they have a space of about 30 to 36 inches. 

Place Sofa Parallel to the Longer Wall

One way to open your living room space is by using the longer part of the room and placing the sofa there lengthwise. Based on the layout of the living space, it may be against a wall or towards the centre. Doing this makes the living room more spacious. You can then add more utility storage items like the shoe stand for home. 

Add storage

A decluttered and organised living room looks like a well-decorated space. To add that extra storage and remove the mess, you can use a solid wood bookshelf that is fitted to the wall or has coffee tables or an ottoman with hidden storage. 

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Distance between the Bed and the Dresser/Wall

There has to be a distance of at least 2 feet around the bed between the wall or dresser. That also ensures you can make the bed without hassles and allows for free opening and closing of the dresser drawers. 

Distance between Bedside Table and Bed

The wooden bedside tables should be within reach of the bed so that you can access things placed on them easily. However, placing them too close makes it look crowded. So the ideal distance is about 3 inches away from the bed. 

Dining Room

Distance between Dining Table and Furniture

One of the common items found in a dining room other than a modern dining table set is the sideboards. So there has to be enough space which is a minimum of 3 feet, for people to walk behind the chairs or open a cabinet to get things out. 

Distance between Dining Chairs

You don’t want to hit your neighbour’s elbow while sitting and dining together in your dining room. To ensure every person sitting at the table has personal space and prevents any accidents when getting out of the chair, leave a gap of about 24 inches between chairs. 

The dining room is an active and busy area in the house, and hence the arrangement should be such that it is easy to navigate and allow people to walk freely. 

Study Room

If you have a study room or a home office, ensuring proper furniture arrangement enhances productivity as it allows for adequate movement and the best use of furniture. The ideal arrangement is to have a distance of 3 feet between the home office desk and chair. That ensures you can push back your home office chair to use the desk drawers. 

Whether you are looking to create a functional room and a peaceful environment with enough storage, proper furniture arrangement is what makes your vision turn into reality.