How to Wear a Hoodie Like a Boss?

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Trying to make a hoodie look professional can be tricky. It’s a casual piece of clothing that’s usually associated with comfort, not style. But even though hoodies are typically worn while lounging at home, they don’t have to be frumpy.

The key is to choose a high-quality one at that fits well and is made with cotton or another natural material. Then, follow these tips to wear a hoodie like a boss:

Pair it with dress pants or dressy shorts. Wearing formal pants with a hoodie makes the outfit look more polished and refined.

Tuck it in and belt it over a skirt. This will give your outfit a unique twist, especially if you wear it with a high-waisted skirt. Hoodies are a go-to item for many, and they’re not just for the gym. Lately, they’ve become a fashion staple that can be dressed up or down. You might think that wearing a hoodie is an easy task. Just put it on, zip it up and you are good to go. But there is more to it than that. You need to consider the fit of the hoodie, the type of hoodie and what you are going to wear with it. This article will give you five tips on how to wear a hoodie like a boss.

Wear a fitted hoodie

When choosing your hoodie, try your best to avoid any oversized pieces as they tend to overwhelm your frame and make you look larger than what you really are. Along with that, they don’t really flatter the body shape either. What you should be looking for instead is something that has a slimmer fit without being too restricting on your movement and comfort level. If possible, wear something that is made of materials like cotton as they are soft and comfortable while also being stylish at the same time.

Know Your Body Type

Hoodies are designed for comfort and warmth, so they’re usually quite baggy and shapeless. This makes it easy to hide your body shape, which could work in your favor if you have large frame or weight problems.

However, this also means hoodies tend to make smaller guys look even smaller, so you’ll need to choose carefully if you’re on the scrawny side. The best way to do this is by simply trying on a few different styles until you find one that suits your build.

Tailor your hoodie

A too-big hoodie will make you look like you are trying to hide something. A too-small hoodie will look clumsy and uncomfortable. And we don’t want either one of those situations, do we?

When buying a hoodie, try it on first before purchasing it. Make sure it fits perfectly on your shoulders and chest area. It should be slightly loose enough around the waist and arms so that you can move freely when wearing it.

The length of the hoodie should cover your hips but doesn’t have to cover your crotch area completely. Anything longer than that could make you look shorter than your actual height.

Layer it up

Layering is key to making a hoodie look stylish and not sloppy. The best way to do this is by adding a button-up shirt underneath your hoodie so that you can unbutton it and flare it out over the top of your sweatshirt. The contrast between the dressier button-up shirt and the casual sweatshirt makes for an eye-catching look that’s casual but still very cool.

Think beyond comfort

Hoodies are practical and comfortable, but they allow you to step up your style and look sharp. To show people that you take pride in your appearance, think outside the comfort zone and try unconventional colors, textures or patterns.

The great thing about hoodies is that they come in a wide range of styles and colors, so it’s easy to find one that fits your personality. A black or navy hoodie is very versatile and easy to match with anything from jeans to chinos or joggers. But if you want to make more of a statement, try something with a bold print or color. The beauty of the hoodie is that even when it’s colorful and loud, it still looks casual so you don’t have to worry about looking too overdressed.

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