How to Train for the Next American Ninja Warrior?

How to Train for the Next American Ninja Warrior?

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Do you fancy yourself for the next American Ninja Warrior? If so, you’ll need to be in elite shape and take training seriously. Of course, you already know this. But how do you train effectively?

Broaden Your Horizons

Firstly, don’t be afraid to train in another sport or fitness area. Did you know that many ninja warriors actually hail from different backgrounds? For example, some specialize in rock climbing while others are specialists in calisthenics. Many different sports have transferable skills perfect for American Ninja Warrior – this extends to CrossFit, gymnastics, and even parkour. When training, don’t just repeat the same exercises and workouts. Instead, broaden your horizons by trying these different fitness areas. As you cross fields, you will pick up skills that could prove the difference in competition.

Own a Ninja Parc Gym

If you’re already in the fitness industry, what better way to train than to own a Ninja Parc gym? Not only do you train, but you enjoy what has become an incredible earning opportunity for people in the field. As an obstacle-based exercise facility, every second you spend in the facility will contribute to your skill set for the next American Ninja Warrior. Sadly, many competitors turn up to a competition obstacle course, having never been on one. The more you practice in a Ninja Parc facility, the more the competition will just feel like another day of training. You will know how to overcome challenges and use your body correctly.

Focus on Grip Strength

You can have all the upper body and lower body strength in the world, but it means nothing if you don’t have good grip strength. Most ninja obstacle courses have some element of swinging and hanging involved, so don’t let this be your downfall. You can improve your grip strength with battle rope training, pull-ups, and a hand exercise.

Don’t Forget Cardio

American Ninja Warrior is all about strength, right? Wrong. Don’t fall into this trap because your cardio fitness is going to be just as important. Not only do you need to perform strength and agility challenges, but you need to do them in good time. Without fitness from HIIT training, you won’t have the Cardio to get through the course.

Change Your Habits

Finally, two aspects might surprise you when it comes to American Ninja Warrior – healthy eating and mindset. Firstly, completely overhaul your mindset and tell yourself that you are a ninja athlete. You’re not an imposter, and you’re a ninja athlete that deserves to be taken seriously. Believe in your skills, believe that you can overcome challenges and perform well, and try to enjoy the training. If you enjoy training, it won’t feel like such a chore after a hard day of work. Secondly, there’s an old saying that you can’t outwork a poor diet, so remember this when training for the next American Ninja Warrior. If you need to, pin it to your fridge. Fuel your body correctly, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and don’t allow yourself to get tempted by chocolate, candy, and other unhealthy snacks (there’s time for that after you complete it!). Introduce a healthy diet of low-fat dairy, lean meats, greens, seeds, nuts, and healthy carbs. When you combine all these tips, you have a good chance of not just training but training well for the next American Ninja Warrior. When the competition time comes, you’ll be in great shape physically and mentally to perform well!

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