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How Vape Pens Can Help You Quit Smoking?

How Vape Pens Can Help You Quit Smoking?

Anyone who is a smoker knows the tremendous effort involved in reducing the number of cigarettes consumed per day. Quitting smoking, for many, is practically an impossible mission. Of all the methods, techniques and tools available to help quit this terrible addiction, the vape pen is presented as the one that offers the best results

Vape pens are nothing more than a battery-operated device through which a vapor is inhaled that, as a general rule, contains nicotine to replace tobacco addiction and a series of harmless compounds for the body, such as flavorings and other chemical substances.

The vape review website vapingvibe.com, has always championed vaping as a highly effective tool for quitting smoking. In order to quit smoking with vape pens, here are a selection of guides, how to’s, and a breakdown of all of the best vape pens for different types of users. There is also lots of information on vaping kits, and the wide variety of the best e-liquids on the market.

This Is How Vape Pens Works

To understand its effectiveness and how it can help habitual tobacco smokers to quit this habit that is so harmful to health, it is necessary to know how it works. In most of these devices four fundamental elements are located.

The Cartridge For The E-Liquid

This reservoir contains the liquid solution with the formula desired by the user to inhale when it turns into vapor.

The Vaporizer

  • Resistance responsible for emitting enough heat to transform the liquid into steam.

The Source Of Energy

  • Usually a plug-in battery that provides power to run the resistor.


  • The place where the vape will inhale the vapor.

The traditional way for these devices to work is to activate the heater every time the vaper inhales. At that moment, due to an increase in temperature, the liquid contained in the cartridge vaporizes. The vapor or aerosol that results from this burning is inhaled, tasting the different flavors and aromas that the liquid may contain.

What Is The Composition Of The Aerosols Or Vapors From An Vape Pens?

The great excuse used to say that vapes are not good for health is precisely the steam that is inhaled. Some studies claim that the composition of the liquid can lead to lung diseases, and even cancer. However, the reality is far from these predictions, since the products used are practically harmless to people.Most of these liquids are made up of these four ingredients in different proportions.

Vegetal Glycerin

Up to 80% of the total and is the cause of the vapor clouds expelled by the user. Glycerin is a completely natural substance; it is not oil, but an alcohol, which makes it completely safe to be inhaled. It is a colorless, non-toxic and odorless liquid. Scientists have studied it for many years and are still unable to associate it with any health problems.

Propylene Glycol

It is also an alcohol; it has a slightly sweet taste. It is a compound used in food and medicine to maintain moisture. It is used in liquids that contain antifreeze, but it is not antifreeze, a common mistake that causes its rejection. It is not toxic at all, although a small percentage of the population may suffer from some type of allergy, for which it will suffice to reduce the amount in the composition. The Scents

One of the reasons why it has so many users. And it is that the variety of possible aromas to use in vape pens is enormous. Although some aromas can be harmful to health, the vaping industry has eliminated them from its composition.


This is the essential element to replace tobacco addiction with vaping. The body will absorb the nicotine without having to ingest the rest of the toxic substances that a tobacco cigarette contains. Although it has a bad reputation, nicotine is not harmful; it is a fairly safe substance. It is the smoke from cigarettes that harms health, not the nicotine itself. Nicotine can become toxic in high doses, practically impossible to occur when vaping.

The Help To Quit Smoking Using Vape Pens

There are different investigations that certify the effectiveness of vape pens to quit smoking. One of the most recent analyzes, known under the peculiar title of meta-analysis, established that adult smokers who resort to the use of these vape pens increase their chances of quitting smoking by up to 28%.

The vape pens allow a method to gradually reduce the consumption of traditional cigarettes, reducing the dreaded period of abstinence. It is during this time when the body cries out to smoke again that most of those who try it fall back, again and again. In this sense, smokers should not be reproached for anything, since the persistence of this need is enormous, much worse than that of any other type of drug.

It is the nicotine that causes that anxiety that only retracts with a new cigarette. With the vape, it is the user himself who controls the amount of this substance, slowly reducing it, at his own pace, until it completely disappears from the liquid solution he inhales. At that moment, without even being aware of it, you will have eliminated your addiction to tobacco. Dissenting voices have appeared around this type of consumption regarding its usefulness and possible harm to health; although it seems that they come from pressure groups that are not interested in reducing traditional tobacco consumption.

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