How Video Can Lead Your Small Business to Success


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Video marketing is now one of the best ways for companies of all sizes to advertise their products and services. Since the 1940s, when the first-ever corporate video production went live in a Yankees game, the concept of video marketing has evolved a great deal. Today, 85 percent of U.S. citizens and half a billion of the world’s population currently consume different types of video content. They use it for many general and specific needs, including the discovery of new knowledge and products. Businesses can also leverage video production and all these statistics for visibility and scalability. Here are some ways to use videos for your small business’s success. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try Amazon Machine Image for Amazon sales

It helps boost conversions and sales.

It helps boost conversions and sales.

Business success doesn’t come cheap. It requires consistent levels of operational efficiency to create products and convert them into repetitive sales. But if you have had any stint in developing strategies to attract potential clients, you know it can be a daunting task. Video production for small business can be a great way to field more manageable conversions and sales processes. According to Word Stream, embedding a brand video in an email can boost click-through rates up to 300 percent.

And placing any type of video, be it a catchy animated video or a specific product’s video ad, on your website can also be a great way to reach potential customers. But large organizations seeking to leverage video marketing for growth may have to ensure best practices in contracting video production services. The type of video you create for your social media platforms can either leave a huge impact on a potential customer or mar their experience.

Many businesses have had to pour endless amounts in P.R. damage efforts. All because the type of content either had copyrighted materials or didn’t resonate with their audience. It’s always best to enlist professionals with years of experience for your promotional video.

It helps to enhance security.

The use of advanced video surveillance for company security isn’t a new thing. But the Internet of Things (IoT) world is taking things up a notch. Today, there are many security cameras on the video surveillance market empowered by artificial intelligence. And the modern security camera isn’t built to only record an intrusion.

It comes with a sophisticated video surveillance system that shares video data to access control points in real time. So if there’s an intrusion at your small business after a hard day’s work, you can receive a live video of the attempt for swift crime prevention measures.

Some of these surveillance systems also have video security algorithms making it possible for a facial recognition feature that limits access to your small business. Modern CCTV cameras can significantly enhance the hard work of business security experts.

It’s SEO friendly and helps with visibility.

Visibility is how businesses stay and remain relevant. Many marketing experts argue that visibility is the foundation of all marketing efforts. Whether you agree or not has very little to do with the importance of a commercial video to build trust and ramp up business visibility. Statistics show that a small company is 53 times more likely to rank first on Google if they have a YouTube video embedded in their website. This is probably because Google owns YouTube.

Mobile users tend to favor videos.

Global mobile proliferation numbers keep increasing. Smartphone penetration rates crossed 78 percent in 2020. That means there are about 6.5 billion smartphone subscriptions out of the world’s 7.5 billion total population. And with apps like TikTok increasing in adoption, the impact of mobile proliferation rates on video marketing has become too hard to ignore.

Statista reveals that the average U.S. adult spends about 103 minutes watching digital videos and 106 more minutes consuming TV video content. All these can translate into a positive experience, ROI, and other different levels of success for small businesses if leveraged right.

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