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How You Can Create a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

How You Can Create a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Find the absolute best Lighted medicine cabinets for your house in 2119 with the carefully curatorourced selection currently available to shop at Houzz. Whether you’re shopping for medicine cabinets that will mix and match with existing colors, styles, and materials, or want medicine cabinets with a special, one-of-a-kind feature, you can find just the right piece here! Whether you’re searching for medicine cabinets that will make a statement about your home, or you want them to blend in seamlessly with the decor of your room, this is the place to go. You’ll also find that the lighted medicine cabinets offered at Houzz come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any particular space.

For those who have a larger medicine cabinet need, they can choose between medicine cabinets that have extra storage in the base, and wall mounted drawers along with mirror inserts. If you do not have a large space to work with, there are also mirrored corner medicine cabinets that come with matching shelves and pull out drawer inserts, which gives your cabinet a small elegant appearance. All of these cabinet models have the long term benefit of needing very little extra storage space, so they are a great solution if you have a smaller home.

If you’re shopping for medicine cabinets that will serve a dual purpose, or are looking for a vanity unit that is decorative but offers plenty of space and/or extra storage, you will find that the options available are nearly endless. One category includes bathroom mirror cabinets. These are ideal for a medicine cabinet but also have the ability to serve as a vanity cabinet and a storage cabinet at the same time. The mirrors in many bathroom mirror cabinets are recessed, which allows for easy access to the cabinet itself and to your mirrors.

Another type of medicine cabinet includes a vanity top with a surface mount medicine cabinet attached below it. This option gives you the benefit of a surface mount cabinet attached to the vanity, but also adds an extra storage shelf on the bottom. Because the surface mount medicine cabinet is attached to the vanity, this option also offers a brighter finish than wall mounted cabinets and more space-saving options than most other options.

Medicine cabinets can be found in a wide array of sizes, styles, finishes and types. If you are remodeling an older home, you might want to consider purchasing one of the newer medicine cabinet options that are designed with modern aesthetic sensibilities in mind. Medicine cabinets that feature a contemporary design come in a wide variety of styles and finishes and can be made of metal, wood, glass, mirrors or a combination of any of these materials. A medicine cabinet with a metal or glass finish has the benefit of providing ample lighting for makeup application and vanity lighting, while one featuring wood finishes is often designed with a glass or mirrored back-up to provide more light to the mirror frame.

If you do not have a good source of direct light in your bathroom, a more economical option may be to purchase LED medicine cabinets. These units do not use fluorescent lights as most traditional medicine cabinets do; instead they utilize a special mirror tint that combines with the unit’s internal mirror to create an illuminated reading area. Medicine cabinets with LED technology have the advantage of offering greater light quality than typical fluorescent lamps. This is particularly useful if you have large windows in your bathroom. Because LED medicine cabinets eliminate the need for a fluorescent lamp, their price is significantly less than the cost of an older style fluorescent lamp.

For homeowners looking to maximize the space and light they have in their bathroom, the bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror compartments is the ultimate solution. These units feature a flexible mirror that can be opened to provide a comfortable open for viewing one’s face, while still having plenty of space available for storage. The mirror, glass doors, and doors on the top are designed to keep hands from distracting from the patient while they are grooming. This type of medicine cabinet also features adjustable shelves for extra storage of towels and robes.

Some mirrored bathroom medicine cabinets feature a mirrored side table, which makes it easier to see when grooming. The top table of many units features open shelves and can also hold clothing. This extra space creates an uncluttered, lighted medicine cabinet where patients can quickly find the items they need. These cabinets may be placed against a wall or hung on a medicine cabinet hanger. The beauty of these mirrored compartments is that they allow the user to maintain privacy while still seeing their reflection in the mirror.



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