Here’s How You Can Increase the Life Of Your PUMA Shoes Even More


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German sportswear company PUMA was founded in 1948. They design affordable, comfortable athletic and casual apparel. It has a sizable net worth and is the third-largest sportswear manufacturer. Strength, agility, and elegance are qualities they value and aim to instill in others.

Many athletes support PUMA sneakers because they feel that the company shares their values. PUMA is a reputable company with a wide selection of clothing for different situations. PUMA shoes have you covered for anything from sports to casual attire.

Here’s How You Can Increase the Life Of Your PUMA Shoes Even More

Shoes are a daily wear item that can easily get damaged with regular use. It is necessary to take good care of your shoes to ensure prolonged use. PUMA India has a great collection of daily wear and sports shoes that can elevate any outfit. Here are some tips on how to make your PUMA shoes last longer:


Although shoes are made to be sturdy, they do require to be stored properly. Keeping them in a moist environment can cause quicker damage. PUMA shoes are made with high-quality materials but even so, they can become moldy and their quality might start to deteriorate if not stored in proper conditions. It is important to keep your PUMA shoes in a dry and dark place. This prevents damage caused by humidity or moisture and prolongs the life of your PUMA shoes.


It can be very tempting to wear your absolute favourite pair of shoes every day. However, in the long run, this may not be a very good idea. The more you use your PUMA shoes, the quicker they will deteriorate. This does not mean that the shoes will start getting damaged immediately, but it can be helpful to rotate your shoes. Have more than one pair of shoes for wearing every day. This would space out the usage and help maintain your PUMA shoes better.


Soles are a very important part of any shoe. They endure most of the brunt that comes from walking and running or engaging in any kind of physical activity. It is essential to renew the soles of your shoes at regular intervals. Even if the PUMA shoe itself is not damaged, the state of your soles will affect the integrity of your entire pair of shoes. Visit your cobbler to replace the soles of your shoes and keep them going for longer.


Moisture is not the only enemy of your PUMA shoes. Dust, dirt, grime, puddles, and much other debris contribute to spoiling your shoes. To prevent this, it is necessary to clean your shoes with appropriate materials. Shoes should never be washed in a washing machine if their structure is to be preserved. Wipe your PUMA shoes with a damp cloth or use a shoe cleaning solution that is safe for the material your shoes are made of. You can even take it for professional cleaning through any dry cleaner to really deep clean your PUMA shoes.

Water Repellant

The latest invention of water repellant for shoes has genuinely changed the game. It comes in a convenient spray bottle that can be used to coat your shoes with the product. This protects your PUMA shoes from outdoor water damage. Although using this is helpful, it does not always provide full protection from continued water exposure. It is important to wear footwear that is appropriate for the outside weather conditions. This will help you wear your shoes longer.

Maintaining the shape

The shape of your footwear will noticeably change with continued use and storage. Without proper maintenance, your PUMA shoes are likely to develop creases and lose their shape. To avoid this, try stuffing your shoes with newspaper. This will hold the shape when you are not using your PUMA shoes and will help to preserve the original shape and structure of your shoes.

Use a wooden shoe tree

A wooden shoe tree is exactly what it sounds like. It is an item made of wood in the shape of a shoe. It can do the job of maintaining the shape of the shoe but an added advantage is that it would absorb any moisture present in the shoe after usage. We tend to sweat while outdoors and this sweat gets caught onto the insides of our shoes. A wooden shoe tree would absorb the sweat and any other moisture left inside your PUMA shoes. This will minimize moisture damage and also help hold the shape of the shoes. It even takes off some pressure from the soles and maintains it between resoling.


PUMA shoes are made with very high-quality materials but this does not stop them from slowly deteriorating. With time and prolonged use, they are bound to lose their shape and integrity. The most anyone can do is to take proper care of them and maintain them well.

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