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Informative EXANTE guide

Informative EXANTE guide

EXANTE is an online broker established in 2008, providing EXANATE trading, CFD trading, spread betting, social trading and stock trading services. Read review of EXANTE below;

EXANTE is a global broker based in Malta

EXANTE has a publicly-traded ticker symbol. This means that EXANTE is publicly traded and shares of EXANTE are officially available for purchase on all global stock exchanges.


· Used by over 10,000 sellers

· Established in 2008

· Regulations by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)

· Minimum deposit of 500

Expanding financial regulation and oversight

We have verified that EXANTE is regulated and overseen by reputable bodies. You can see all EXANTE supervisory and regulatory bodies listed below. Regulations provide a number of ways for those experiencing EXANTE problems. Regulators protect traders with things like refund systems that recoup clients’ investments in the event of a broker’s bankruptcy.

Brokerage firms must adhere to a set of rules and standards established by accredited international bodies to ensure the security of their transactions and maintain their licenses. The entire regulatory concept is designed to protect EXANTE traders and provide a safe trading environment.


The reviews of Exante broker – EXANTE charges a fee for CFDs. What can I trade with EXANTE? Please note that due to regulatory restrictions, other EXANTE branded entities offer different trading instruments. Offered trading products may vary depending on the client’s country of residence.

· In fact, you can trade over 95 instruments with EXANTE.

· If you want to trade currency pairs, EXANTE offers currency pairs.

· Compare EXANTE con XTB and XM IQ Option.

· Your funds are at risk

Trade with EXANTE

To open a trading account with EXANTE, you need to register here. Once you receive your login details via email, submit your identification documents for account verification and make a deposit, the next step is to download your trading platform. Choose details of the EXANTE trading platform can be found here.

The verdict Exante broker allows you to execute trades as low as $0.02. This amount may vary depending on the account you have opened. EXANTE allows you to execute the most variable transactions. As a market maker, EXANTE may have lower entry requirements than ECN brokers, which enjoy higher trading volumes and generally have greater capital and minimum trading requirements. Market makers typically have lower minimum deposits, lower minimum trading requirements, and no trading commissions.


The team addressed and answered our questions. The overall average for EXANTE emails support. We called EXANTE and the call was answered quickly got a call in less than 5-10 minutes.

Is EXANTE a good broker?

We spent over 3 months reviewing EXANTE in depth. Although we have found some very useful aspects of the EXANTE platform to be helpful to some traders overall, our feeling is that you will get better service from an alternative EXANTE broker.

· EXANTE has a proven track record in EXANATE Trading, CFDs, Spread Betting, Social Trading, and Stock Trading.

· EXANTE has been around for over 12 years.

· EXANTE operates internationally in several countries. This includes local EXANTE workshops and training.

· EXANTE is able to hire people from all over the world who can communicate better in your local language.

What does it take to open an EXANTE ACCOUNT?

As EXANTE is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), every new client must pass some basic compliance checks to ensure you understand the trading risks and are allowed to trade.​​​ When you open an account, you may be asked the following questions, so it’s a good idea to have them:

Please note that the expiry date of the address confirmation may vary from one organization to another that owns the EXANTE brand. Color scan of passport, driver’s license or national ID card utility bills or bank statements for the past three months with your address

How much does an Exante broker cost?

When trading directly on the stock exchange, the broker’s investment costs are limited. You should consider the following costs: Start by opening an investment account. You can trade with the funds in this account. A purchase invoice is issued and the sales are credited to the account. Some brokers charge a fee for commission management. You must also pay transaction fees for purchases or sales. These costs can add up quickly. To better compare the costs of each broker, you need to estimate the number of trades to execute. In the overview, you can compare the cost per trade of different brokers.

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