Interesting And Decorative Wall Painting Techniques for Your Walls

Interesting And Decorative Wall Painting Techniques for Your Walls

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Aside from the window treatment, furniture, lighting fixtures, upholstery, and accessories, your walls need to be updated too. Painting methods have progressed to the point where you may mix colors to create aesthetically pleasing walls.

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Wall Painting Techniques


The harlequin wall pattern can instantly bring life and colour to any interior design. It looks fantastic in the master bedroom as well as the dining room. You can also use them in your kitchen if you want to. Choose proper colours or bright colours with high/subtle contrasts.


It’s a very low-cost method to bring sophistication and beauty to your home. For wallpaper or vinyl decals, wall stencils are the best cost-effective alternative. This method is the most effective approach to modernise the walls of your home.


The best part about this concept is that it can be used in a million different ways. To create a fashionable statement, paint the whole room a metallic tint, or use metallic accents for layered effect. 


Stripes are a timeless décor mainstay that never fails to appear new, and their classiness and elegance ensure that they don’t go out of fashion. Striping is a fantastic decorating technique that adds a playful aspect to any room. Additionally, stripes may be incorporated in a variety of ways.


This approach is simple to use and does not require any special painting skills or knowledge. In fact, this painting style is simple and quick. This technique involves in a literal sponge or spongy paint roller. You can also involve your whole family in this painting project.


A wall painted in this Ombre technique starts with a single hue that gradually fades into another. Because it fills the spectrum between two hues, it provides a truly dreamlike, water-coloured result. Simply described, Ombre is a fading effect when a rich color slowly fades from top to bottom and side to side across the wall. This fascinating effect just necessitates the use of two primary colors: your primary/original color and white.

Polka Dots:

This is a great ornamental wall painting technique. Besides, this technique is an all-time favourite for many people. When it comes to hanging them on your walls, they are incredibly simple to do so, and they quickly brighten up whatever room they are in. If you make your space bolder and more fun then this painting technique would be your perfect choice.

Colour Wash:

This is a lovely painting method for adding depth and texture to a room. By combining two contrasting hues, a colour wash creates a smooth and warm effect. This technique is simple to use and cost-effective than the other styles of painting.

Do try your favourite painting technique today to have fun at home!