3 Interesting Facts about Lab-Grown Diamonds

3 Interesting Facts about Lab-Grown Diamonds

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The Diamonds are without doubt one of the most beautiful stones that exist in the world. Therefore, its high value and demand in the market has its reasons. However, in recent years the emergence of Lab-Grown Diamonds and gemstones created by science has revolutionized the market.

It should be noted that this is not by chance, since thanks to the processes with which they are manufactured they have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. In addition, as scientific studies have shown, they are much more resistant and can take larger sizes and different colors.

Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about Lab-Created Diamonds and the different colors they can take. However, as a preview, we can say that each and every one of them is incredibly beautiful.

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

The Lab-Grown Diamonds as its name suggests, are diamonds that have been created in laboratories by using science. Likewise, we must say that they have an excellent quality and are more resistant according to the tests carried out.

Besides, this new type of Precious Stones stands out for having a larger size than its natural brothers and, best of all; it is at a lower price (which makes it accessible to a greater number of people).

On the other hand, the Lab Created Diamonds have almost perfect hexagonal shapes in many cases (which makes them incredibly beautiful to look at). 

What colors can Lab-Grown Diamonds have?

As you already know, in the case of natural diamonds, the colors can give a truly beautiful and attractive hue to the pieces. That can have colors ranging from the traditional and well-known white / transparent to others of blue, purple, red, yellow, green, and even pink.

Also, the color that these minerals adopt will depend to a large extent on their atomic structure. Therefore, the combination of carbon with other chemical elements will be the true determining factor when defining its appearance.

However, in the case of Lab Created Diamonds they can have the following colors: light white, yellow, brown, blue, green and orange and some even seem to combine different shades that give unique and spectacular colors to these Gemstones Created by science.

This being the case, you should know that the most common is that the Lab-Grown Diamonds reproduce the color of the natural Diamonds that we mentioned above. 

Are Colorful Lab-Grown Diamonds worth buying?

Finally, by seeing Lab Created Diamonds of different colors anyone can be attracted to them. It should be noted that the pure colors show its details (typical of a perfect Diamond despite not being natural).

Finally, if you are wondering, where can you get Lab-Grown Diamonds? We want you to know that at Luxuria Diamonds you will find a wide variety of jewelry made with Laboratory Created Diamonds (with which you can look spectacular at all times).

So, think no more! Right now you can get your Created Diamond in a wide variety of colors and at attractive prices.

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