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John Singson Interviewed By WWE Hall Of Famer Rikishi

Famer Rikishi

A real estate legend interviewed by a legendary wrestler, Famer Rikishi- was on set to speak about life and opportunities. Well-known real estate businessman John Singson out of Southern California, shares his life style and learning curves of businesses on The Famer Rikishi Driver Talk Show. WWE Hall of Famer calls in “The Godfather” of real estate John Singson in his show for an intimate appearance.

John Singson talks about the trial and errors of life and also shares his experience with doing charity work for the Philippines. Doing charity work and combining forces with the top notch celebrities and athletes is nothing new for Mr. Singson, he had also teamed up with Manny Pacquiao and the “Manny Pacquiao Foundation” to help with the calamities of the Philippines. When Mr. Singson was asked by Famer Rikishi to share financial education, John shares that “life is like a box of chocolates sometimes, you never know what you’re going to get”. Revealing potential troubles of businesses is one key on how Mr. Singson help the world about his knowledge on what to avoid when doing business. If I went through a bad experience, I’m glad to share it so no one has to go through the same thing I went through, (said by John Singson). Singson also talks about how he was built and made as an entrepreneur since he was young, this is because he wasn’t built for school, and schools are made for workers as he shares.

John comes from a very powerful and well-known family in the Philippines. Having more than a dozen in his family seated in politics. He also mentions that life is like a bubble, it can pop anytime. John is a big fan of neutralization and believes that being in between will always be in a winning position. (Never be too happy, never be to sad) is a quote we got from the real estate mogul; “there will always someone be better than you, I never believe in you must always win, because now you are depending your happiness in always winning, so when you lose you might get depressed. Losing is a colorful word for me, as I always see losing as winning, because I win so much knowledge” – John Singson.

Mr. Singson appeared on the Top 75 list of Most Influential Filipino American’s on Good News Pilipinas where the “crème de la crème” are mostly featured on alongside with Bruno Mars, Rob Bonta (California Attorney General), Apl De Ap (Grammy-winning recording artist of The Black Eyed Peas and many more.

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