Is FUE hair transplant a permanent Solution to Hair Loss?

Is FUE hair transplant a permanent Solution to Hair Loss?

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When thinking of excessive hair loss and baldness, the only permanent solution came to one’s mind is getting a hair transplant. What is a hair transplant, and why should you get it? Hair transplant is transplant hair in your scalp from your body’s specific donor area, and it is the most advanced way to keep yourself away from baldness permanently. Hair transplant is necessary because hairs are part of your personality, and if your looks are refined, you’ll be confident.

Hair transplant is a modern permanent solution to hair loss, but it has two types, and your doctor chooses these according to your condition. 

–         FUT (Follicular unit transplantation), in this procedure, a patch or strip of your hair follicles taken from the back of your head is transplanted to your scalp or the area where there is baldness. 

–         FUT (Follicular unit extraction), in this procedure, follicles are extracted from all over the head and puncture to the bald area or area where thin hairs are present.

FUT and FUE both transplants are permanent. Both these are used by doctors commonly, but the popular procedure for transplant is FUE. FUT is more prominent, and the signs of extraction are visible, while FUE is almost flawless. For FUE, surgeons use several tools to make circular insertions near follicular units, detaching them from tissues without separating the scalp. 

Massive follicular units are prepared for FUE transplantation for hair restoration. This is a slow process and usually takes 4-6 hours in 1 or more sessions. Surgeons need many potentials to perform this hair transplant surgery as this is lengthy and requires much focus. 

What Is FUE Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline?

Hair transplant where have pros have cons too. Hair transplant surgery is lengthy. FUE is almost scarless compared to FUT and has the least possible side effects. White spots, sensitivity, or scars are visible on the extraction site after the surgery and are healed in the meantime.

In rare cases, infections or dead skin is seen; otherwise, FUE is entirely safe. After FUE, you are expected to keep the surgical area from water and heavy sweat for one week at least. 

The patient is strictly not allowed to use any headwear. Use of high scented shampoo is prohibited, and to speed up the healing process, the patient is advised to rest for a couple of days.

After getting an FUE hair transplant, the full recovery timeline is around 4-5 months. The hair may fall just after the surgery, which is entirely normal. The growth and thickness of hair depend upon your age and genetics, so the hair falls. The patient is recommended to consult their doctor and take prescribed medicines regularly.

What Is the FUE Cost Per Graft?

Hair transplant price in Islamabad is not that expensive compared to its substantial foreign costs and starts from 12000$ to 35000$. In Pakistan, it is much more affordable. Hair transplant is done in between 50000 PKR to 400000 PKR quickly. The price is based on the size of the area and how many grafts you need to get it covered entirely. The grafts are not single hair but may contain more than 1 hair. Each graft’s cost is fixed and has a concession based on the number of grafts.

A single graft is 100- 120 rupees, especially in an FUE hair transplant. With 3000 grafts, per graft price is reduced to 90-85. The full session cost is calculated after including the price of disposable tools and observing the donor area for extraction. 

This is the guidance you need to know about FUE hair transplant and how much it will cost you. The way mentioned above of hair transplant is suitable for certain kinds of patients, and it may not suit every patient, so it is highly recommended that you consult and discuss with a doctor. There are alternative solutions available for hair restoration.    

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